Five Operas that Shocked the World

Five Operas that Shocked the World

Art, by its nature, is meant to evoke feeling from the viewer. Often the feeling is pleasurable, but many times art can create feelings of unease and discomfort. This is true with opera. Many of the most respected works today were met with scorn and rejection when they were first presented.

The Most Prestigious Art Fairs for Collectors

The Most Prestigious Art Fairs for Collectors -

While there are numerous ways to expand your collection of fine art, international art fairs are almost one-stop shopping for gorgeous pieces, introductions to new artists, and interaction with members of the art world. If you are seeking to enlarge your collection, these three prestigious art fairs are sure to provide you with plenty of pieces to choose from.

What Makes These 6 Opera Houses the World’s Best?

With our constantly connected lifestyles, shorter retreats with tightly packed schedules are becoming more in vogue as we leave the days of the lavish, month-long holiday in the past. In light of this, we’ve broken down a list of the world’s best opera houses by specific appeal, so you can prioritize your travels based on your interests.

En Pointe: 4 World-Class Ballets

En Pointe- 4 World Class Ballets - Discover.Luxury

Fans of classical ballet are no doubt familiar with the names on this list. Whether you are a new fan or a veteran of the classical theater scene, here are four of the top world-class ballets whose performance you will want to witness.

The 5 Most Prolific Art Collectors of 2016

The Five Most Prolific Art Collectors of 2016 -

The world of art trade is marked by confidentiality, so determining which collectors have purchased the most artworks in a year can be difficult to determine. The list of top collectors changes every year, but some names top the list of dyed in the wool collectors.

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