The Best Eco-Luxury Linens and Towels

Ashlan Cousteau The Best ECOLUXURY Linens and Towels -

Our homes are our sanctuaries. From our furniture to our décor to the candles we burn, we all try and create our own little piece of paradise in our studio apartments or our country estates. Ashlan Cousteau travels all the time and when she’s on the road she misses three things: her husband, her dog and her bed.

Eco-Luxury Yachting: 4 Companies Who Treat Our Oceans Right

Eco-Luxury Yachting: 4 Companies Who Treat Our Oceans Right

Ashlan Cousteau’s husband’s grandfather, Jacques Cousteau, sailed the seas in the iconic Calypso for decades. But, like all boats similar to her, she had an insatiable appetite for fuel. Jacques always saw her dependence on diesel as a major burden due to its high cost and detrimental impacts on the environment. As a result he endeavored to find a better way.

Sustainable Scottish Whiskey: A New Trend

Sustainable Scottish Whiskey - Eco Luxury - Ashlan Cousteau

The smooth smell of two fingers of Highland Park 18, one of Ashlan Cousteau’s favorite single malt whiskeys, on a cold night is perfection. This unique bouquet is a credit to an integral piece of Scottish history that dates back to the 18th century. But despite being steeped in tradition, this old school industry is embracing the future by making huge strides toward sustainability.

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