My Favorite Luxury Watch Brands

Kristen Taekman My Favorite Luxury Watch Brands

Your jewelry box has seen trends come and go but some trends graduate into essentials or key pieces that will never go out of style. A luxury watch is one of those must-have timeless (excuse the pun) pieces that should be part of every woman’s wardrobe. Putting on a watch is the perfect accessory to finish off any outfit while maintaining a high level of professionalism.

How Celebs Achieve Fashion Perfection

Revealing Celebs' Red Carpet Secrets

Award season has come and gone in a blink of an eye but have you ever stopped to think about what goes on behind the scenes in the fashion world to prepare for these prestigious shows and events? Award season consists of over 20 different ceremonies, from the Golden Globes to the Oscars and every black-tie event in between. It makes you wonder, how do our favorite celebrities prepare for so many different events as well as maintain their A-list fashion status?

Moncler In Manhattan

US Moncler Flagship Store

It is officially 2017…the holiday season has come and gone, a new year is upon us and Kristen Taekman can safely say that winter, in its full attire, has arrived! It is now time to brush off your winter wardrobe and channel your inner snow queen.

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