From Don Julio to Gran Patron: Our Favorite Luxury Tequilas

Tequila may be a staple of bachelorette parties and frat houses everywhere, but high quality tequila is masterfully made and deserves to be savored. While there are dozens of master tequila producers in the world, these are our five favorite luxury tequilas. Enjoy in your favorite beverage to celebrate Cinco de Mayo or serve up at your next cocktail party.

Michelin Star Restaurants in Paris

Not only is Paris the home of the some of the finest restaurants in the world, but it is also the home of the Michelin guide, and where it all began. So, of course, we must recommend our favorite Michelin Star-rated restaurants in La Ville-Lumière (the City of Lights – and love). After all, what says love more than amazing food?

Michelin Star Restaurants in London

Michelin Star Restaurants in London

For more than 100 years, we’ve looked to the French company Michelin to guide us to the best restaurants around the world. The Red Guides, as their guidebooks are commonly referred, are published each year to announce the recipients of Michelin’s coveted stars. Take a trip with us around London to visit these Michelin Star-rated restaurants.

The Most Expensive Restaurant in NYC

As a boy, Masayoshi Takayama worked for his family’s fish market in a town of Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, delivering fresh sashimi to neighbors on his bicycle. The seed of his love for food was planted here, grew throughout his eight-year apprenticeship at Sushiko in Tokyo’s Ginza district, and blossomed in the form of Masa in New York City.

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