The Best Luxury Submarines

It started with large homes, second and third homes, sports cars and luxury cars, then moved onto private jets and yachts and now, the next must-have for billionaires is available, with options! The submersible yacht or, if you will, the luxury submarine.

What to Expect When You Charter Your Own Private Yacht

As one would expect, the private yacht you charter will be luxurious and full of amenities, but the best part of a private yacht charter is the service, service, service! You’ll have a staff with yachting experience whose goal is to make their charter guests happy and catering to your every whim (within reason, of course!).

Eco-Luxury Yachting: 4 Companies Who Treat Our Oceans Right

Eco-Luxury Yachting: 4 Companies Who Treat Our Oceans Right

Ashlan Cousteau’s husband’s grandfather, Jacques Cousteau, sailed the seas in the iconic Calypso for decades. But, like all boats similar to her, she had an insatiable appetite for fuel. Jacques always saw her dependence on diesel as a major burden due to its high cost and detrimental impacts on the environment. As a result he endeavored to find a better way.

The World’s Most Unusual Superyachts

Wherever your journey takes you during the summer—whether it be a leisurely seven-day cruise off the Amalfi Coast, or an exploration of the crystalline waters of the Caribbean Sea—these unusual superyachts are sure to inspire a truly unforgettable experience.

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