Around the World: How to Maintain a Keto Lifestyle While Traveling

The thought of having to stay low carb while traveling may seem like a challenge. But by following a few core principles, staying on a low carb, high fat ketogenic lifestyle will be so easy that it won’t even feel like you’re dieting. Whether you’re on vacation, going cross country, or traveling the world – the principles to a ketogenic diet are going to stay the same. When you’re in a state of ketosis, you will have more sustained energy. This means you won’t be on a constant search for carbs to “give you energy”.

Plan Ahead


Around the World: How to Maintain a Keto Lifestyle While Traveling


Do a little bit a research before you begin your travels. You can look up local restaurants near where you are staying and check out their menu ahead of time. Some travel websites may even let you search for dining options that are keto friendly. The two types of cuisine to avoid would be most Italian restaurants or any other restaurants that only serve mostly carb loaded meals. You may also want to stay away from sushi restaurants. But if you can always opt for sashimi. Other than that, the world is your oyster! Literally!

Eating Keto at a Restaurant


Around the World: How to Maintain a Keto Lifestyle While Traveling


You can always make a special request to replace more carb heavy items with grilled veggies or a side salad. If there is a grilled option, take it. Look away from the fried foods. They may look tempting, but you won’t like the way you feel afterwards. Some of your best menu options are:

  • Grilled chicken or steak salad. Just be sure to avoid a sugary dressing and any croutons. Avocados are a must add to most of your meals.
  • Any beef or chicken burger with mayo, cheese, and onions is a good choice. Just lose the bread and add a salad instead.
  • Beef or chicken fajitas or kebabs.

Shop When You Arrive


Around the World: How to Maintain a Keto Lifestyle While Traveling


You’ll probably want to pack a few snacks to at least get you where you are going. But when you arrive, you can find a local grocery store to pick up some of your favorite snacks like beef jerky or macadamia nuts. You can always pack these items with you, but why add the extra weight if you can buy these items at your destination? Canned oysters and sardines in olive oil are a handy snack to have in your hotel room to stay on track instead of the carb and sugar filled vending machine options.  You’ll probably want to bring powdered MCT oil for your morning bulletproof coffee since that may be a hard to find item.

Hotel Breakfasts and Buffets

Although they usually have the waffles, cereal, and oatmeal, most hotels also include bacon, sausage, and eggs as options. These can be great for a keto-friendly breakfast. Look for breakfast platters with eggs, bacon or ham, cheese, butter, and keto veggies like peppers or onions. You might also order an omelet with meat and cheese. If you do have coffee, order some black and add your MCT oil powder or heavy cream.

Select a Hotel or Rental House with a Kitchen

How to Maintain a Keto Lifestyle While Traveling

Most hotels these days include at least a small refrigerator, and some even include a full kitchen and stove. This is great because it allows you to shop locally for some fresh food options. Search online for nearby farmer’s markets or grocery stores and see if you can pick up some local meats or fresh veggies to have in your room. You might also look for homes in the area that you can rent instead. That will ensure you have a full kitchen to store your food—and it will add a different dimension to your adventure.

So, tell us, will you be traveling this summer and maintaining your keto diet?  If you love your Keto lifestyle, you might enjoy reading about Fine Dining on a Keto Diet.

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Around the World: How to Maintain a Keto Lifestyle While Traveling