Ten Romantic Gift Ideas for Him

Not every man is particularly romantic, but nearly every man will respond to a romantic gesture from their love. Choosing that perfect romantic gift for your man can be a challenge, but here’s a list of ten romantic gift ideas for him that we think are perfect.

Couples Massage


Ten Romantic Gift Ideas for Him


This is a win-win proposition. A good massage can do wonders for a person. Double the benefits of the massage by treating your man (and yourself) to a couples massage.



Ten Romantic Gift Ideas for Him
Photo courtesy of Burberry


Cologne is always a good gift for a man, but a special scent like Burberry’s Brit Splash is even better. As they describe it, it’s “a bright aquatic fragrance, refreshing and invigorating featuring crisp rosemary, a watery accord and moss.”



Ten Romantic Gift Ideas for Him


Yes, flowers. It may be unconventional and a bit non-traditional, but men can be the recipient of a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Be creative with the arrangement you choose, send it to his workplace, and express your love for him. He may be a little embarrassed at first, but he’ll appreciate it because he’ll feel special – what’s more romantic than that?

Camping Gear


Ten Romantic Gift Ideas for Him


If the gentleman for whom you’re shopping likes to get outdoors and into nature and go camping, get him some great new camping gear and plan a camping trip for the two of you. Evenings by the fire, snuggling up in a tent, unplugging, and just being together make for a perfectly romantic gift.

Beard Tools



If your man is bearded, good beard tools are essential for the maintenance of his facial hair – you’ll benefit too because he’ll look and smell amazing. Our favorite is Bambarger Co.’s Union Beard Oil, but they also have an excellent mustache wax and beard and mustache combs to round out a nice gift set.

Beer Tasting


Ten Romantic Gift Ideas for Him


Beer has been around for a long, long time, but in recent years, the art of the craft beer, microbrews, IPAs, and more has become quite prevalent. Look for craft breweries or shops that carry a range of special beers in your area and make a day of it. It’s very much like wine tasting, but you get to sample all kinds of great beer and put a big smile on his face.

Distillery Tour


Ten Romantic Gift Ideas for Him


This is the same concept as the beer tasting, but it focuses on your local distilleries. It could be bourbon, whiskey, gin, vodka, or tequila, the key is to locate a distillery with a tasting room and sample and learn more about their process. Again, he’ll be smiling!

Motorcycle Rental


Ten Romantic Gift Ideas for Him


Rent a motorcycle for the weekend and getaway to a bed and breakfast. Take it up a notch, though, and rent a vintage motorcycle with a sidecar. He’ll get that excitement of the open road and you’ll get a fun ride and a weekend escape.



Ten Romantic Gift Ideas for Him


Locate your nearest body of water. It could be the ocean, it could be a lake, it could be a river, it just needs to be large enough for some kind of boat. Then, find a rental boat – any vessel that’s water-worthy. Maybe it’s a tour boat, maybe it’s a private boat, or maybe it’s something you drive (or paddle) yourself, but get out on the water. It’s exhilarating and can be extremely romantic.

Engraved Watch


Ten Romantic Gift Ideas for Him


If the classic gift is what you’re after, there’s always true romance in a beautiful timepiece that is engraved with something special. He’ll have it for years and always be reminded of his love. Timeless, classic, romantic, and always a good option – the engraved watch.

Hopefully, our list has inspired you to choose a romantic gift for the special man in your life. Do you have any go-to romantic gifts that aren’t on our list? Please share them with us. For more ideas, read Eva LaRue’s The Best Gift Guide For the Person Who Has Everything.

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Ten Romantic Gift Ideas for Him