Excitement Abounds at the 2018 Italian Grand Prix

The 14th race of the 2018 Formula 1 season just wrapped up, and racing fans were not disappointed.  The Italian Grand Prix is one of the most anticipated events on the Formula 1 calendar. The annual event takes place in Monza, which is the third permanent race track ever built in the world. Called “La Pista Magica” by Italians, this track has seen some of racing’s best and worst moments.  This year offers lots of excitement.  Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from the 2018 Italian Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton


Lewis Hamilton The Italian Grand Prix is one of the most anticipated races on the Formula 1 calendar.  Learn more about the exciting results from the 2018 event.
Photo Courtesy of Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton claimed his sixth win of the 2018 racing season at Monza. Hamilton is a fan favorite. He tends to start the season slow, then racks up the wins as the season races on.  Hamilton is in championship form, presently, and on track to win it all.  The driver started the Italian Grand Prix with a 17 point advantage over Sebastian Vettel, and Vettel was hoping to pull ahead in the standings. Hamilton was in third place for the start of the race, just behind Kimi Raikkonenn and Vettel. Unfortunately for Vettel, he made contact with Hamilton’s vehicle on lap one, spun out of position, and allowed Hamilton to forge ahead.  Hamilton raced hard and was able to surpass Raikkonen for the win.  This victory is Lewis Hamilton’s third win in the last four races.  After the Italian Grand Prix in Monza, Hamilton is now 30 points ahead of Vettel.  With 256 points, Hamilton is still the man to watch.

Romain Grosjean Disqualified


2018 Italian Grand Prix
Photo Courtesy of Formula 1


Romain Grosjean, racing for Haas, was disqualified from the race.  His commendable 6th place finish was revoked and the points were removed from his tally.  Renault Sport filed a protest over the car’s legality, and Formula 1 stewards agreed.  It was found that the floor of his Ferrari powered car was not in compliance with the rules.  According to Formula 1,


“While the Stewards are also sympathetic to the difficulties of producing these parts, the Stewards noted that at least one other competitor was able to comply in the time provided. Further, it was made clear to the competitor from the outset that the FIA Technical Department did not consider their car to be in compliance, and further that they left themselves open to the circumstances they now find. It was therefore the obligation of the competitor to be in compliance, which they did not do.”


The Haas team disagrees strongly with the decision.  They are appealing the ruling and hope to have their 6th place finish reinstated.

Wiliams Martini Racing


The Italian Grand Prix is one of the most anticipated races on the Formula 1 calendar.  Learn more about the exciting results from the 2018 event.
Photo Courtesy of Williams F1


Williams Martini Racing has not had a strong 2018 season, until the Italian Grand Prix. Lance Stroll has been their only driver to bring in points, but that changed this weekend.  Stroll finished in 10th place and his teammate Sergery Sirotkin finished in 11th place.  After the Haas team’s disqualification, which nullified Grosjean’s sixth place finish, the other finishers received a big boost.  Stroll was promoted to ninth place and Sirotkin to tenth.  The Italian Grand Prix is the first race of 2018 in which both Williams Martini drivers scored points.  While the Williams team still sits in tenth place overall (which is last place), this race was an exciting boost for their fans.

There was no shortage of thrilling moments, both on and off the track at the 2018 Italian Grand Prix. From big wins to a shocking disqualification, excitement abounded at the “Pista Magica”.  To plan your next trip to Monza to witness the excitement for yourself, read our guide about what to expect at the Italian Grand Prix.

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Excitement Abounds at the 2018 Italian Grand Prix