Johnnie Walker’s My Edition: A Personalized Experience

Whiskey lovers tend to be quite voracious when it comes to their love of whiskey.  With the spirit’s incredible rise in popularity over the past decade, export sales have risen from $1 million just a few years ago to almost $500 million today. Domestic whiskey sales in 2017 reached nearly $1.2 billion. It’s tough to argue with the idea that this is more than a trend. Johnnie Walker is one of the brand leaders in whiskey, and they’ve created a concept that will be sure to delight anyone who appreciates a fine whiskey.

The Concept


Johnnie Walker’s My Edition: A Personalized Experience


The concept of Johnnie Walker’s My Edition is really quite simple: create a custom blend based on the taste profile of the customer. Moving beyond the actual blend, they’ll provide custom engraving on the bottle and a customizable label. Those two options (engraving and custom labels) are actually already available on their regular offerings. You’ll finish the My Edition with a custom package to commemorate the blend.

The Blend


Johnnie Walker’s My Edition: A Personalized Experience


Johnnie Walker will create a bespoke blend tool that will be accessible on their website. With the tool, the consumer will go through a series of questions that will help define their preferences, once their preferences are determined, they’ll be able to craft a custom blend flavor. The suite of services included with the bespoke blend tool will be available (once the program launches) to customers through a unique link that will provide them access.

The Engraving


Johnnie Walker’s My Edition: A Personalized Experience
Photo courtesy of Johnnie Walker


When you hear the term engraving, you might not think of a whiskey bottle, but this added touch makes this bottle (or any Johnnie Walker bottle) even more special. They implement a cutting-edge technology that allows you to make a mark that will last on their iconic bottle. The engraving is surprisingly crisp and clear and will make you wish to have all of your bottles from them engraved.

The Label


Johnnie Walker’s My Edition: A Personalized Experience
Photo courtesy of Indiegogo/Johnnie Walker


If you’re going to the trouble of crafting and creating a custom and personalized blend of whiskey, you’ll want to ensure that not only will your bottle be beautifully engraved but it will also have a label befitting the product. The Johnnie Walker team will work with you to create a beautifully designed label on which you’ll be able to include a personal message, a story, a name, or a dedication that adds even more.

The Box


From business gifts to personal gifts for almost every occasion, Johnnie Walker has always maintained an impeccable tradition of classic packaging. Whether it’s a basic box you’ll find at your local liquor source, or one of their bottles from a limited edition artist series, the team at Johnnie Walker knows how to create an impression with their packaging.  The My Edition presentation box will surely be no exception. It promises to make its mark sitting on your shelf as its very own work of art.

The level of excitement is high for Johnnie Walker’s My Edition custom whiskey. While at one point it looked as though they’d be celebrating a December 2017 release, it didn’t happen, but hopefully will soon. In the meantime, read about some other whiskeys that are great gifts (even if it’s only a gift for yourself) anytime: The Best Whiskeys for Holiday Gift Giving.

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Johnnie Walker’s My Edition: A Personalized Experience