The 5 Most Buzzed About Watches at Baselworld 2017

The 5 Most Buzzed About Watches at Baselworld 2017

As the snows begin to thaw and spring starts to whisper on the horizon, watch enthusiasts flock to Basel, Switzerland, for an advance preview of the latest and greatest in the luxury watch market. While smart technology has dominated the market in recent years, 2017 saw a return to classic styling. Time piece designers looked to the past to find inspiration this year.

The Best Runway Looks of All Time: Gucci

The history of the Gucci brand is riddled with drama and abrupt transitions, and the brand’s runway shows are often nearly as dramatic. The past decades have presented two distinct approaches to luxury, one under the direction of Tom Ford and the other under Alessandro Michele. While the aesthetics of these two designers may be polar opposites, Gucci runways shows are always exciting.

How to Build a Personal Brand Through Fashion

How to Build a Personal Brand Through Fashion

There are more than a few personality quizzes and interests tests available online. There’s the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Strong Interest Inventory and the EQSQ test. Or, you could go down the astrology rabbit hole—Taurus loves earthy things, Leo thinks all the world’s a stage, etc. All methods are worthy of your consideration, since any opportunity to know yourself better is an opportunity to dress yourself better.

The Best Runway Looks of All Time: Hermès

The Hermes name is a symbol of class worldwide. Its equestrian beginnings led to today’s reputation for fine bags and refined fashions. Hermes runway shows aren’t the extravagant spectacles that Louis Vuitton puts on, but instead focus on the craftsmanship and materials used to create some truly luxurious looks.

How Celebs Achieve Fashion Perfection

Award season has come and gone in a blink of an eye but have you ever stopped to think about what goes on behind the scenes in the fashion world to prepare for these prestigious shows and events? Award season consists of over 20 different ceremonies, from the Golden Globes to the Oscars and every black-tie event in between. It makes you wonder, how do our favorite celebrities prepare for so many different events as well as maintain their A-list fashion status?

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