Trends in Luxury Home Designs

Luxury home buyers want something that’s the exact opposite of a “cookie cutter” home. High end buyers seek the best when shopping for a home. While no two luxury homes will be alike, there are always trends that emerge each year.

Custom Pools for Your Luxury Home

Anyone can dig a hole and make it into a pool, but when you have a luxury home, that just isn’t an adequate approach to what should be a backyard oasis. A luxury home calls for an equally luxurious pool and that means custom, custom, custom!

Trending: Copper Home Decor

Copper as a decorative element has been en vogue for centuries, and it’s not going away anytime soon. We often think of the kitchen as a place for copper design elements, but this long lasting metal with a vibrant hue works well in any room of the house!

Bathroom Trends in Luxury Homes

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the bathroom may be considered the brain. It’s where we start and finish each day and it’s where we prepare ourselves to look and feel our best.

Our Favorite Luxury Furniture Stores

Our Favorite Luxury Furniture Stores

Quality and luxury go hand in hand, this is most apparent when choosing furniture for your home. We have several favorite stores on which we keep an eye for the best in luxury furniture. Some may seem like obvious choices, however, others may surprise you.

6 Beautiful Structures by Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright was the father of what he dubbed organic architecture. He brought this philosophy to life through structures that were in harmony with humanity and their environment. A Frank Lloyd Wright home is a great real estate find but he also designed offices, churches, schools, skyscrapers, hotels, museums and other structures.

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