New Kids on the Butcher Block: The Rising Stars of the Culinary World

The culinary world is always growing and expanding, which is a treat for those of us who love fine dining.  Every year new faces emerge on the scene and leave their mark on the world of food.  Here is a look at some of the new kids on the butcher block.  These are the rising stars of the culinary world.

Camille Cogswell



Camille Cogswell, pastry chef at Zahav, was named the rising star chef at the 2018 James Beard Awards.  This event is known as the “Oscars” of the food world.  The award is given to a chef aged 30 or younger who “displays an impressive talent and who is likely to make a significant impact on the industry in years to come.” Camille bested other notable young chefs to win this prestigious award, so she is definitely one to watch.

Clare de Boer


Rising Culinary Stars Clare de Boer
Photo Courtesy of James Beard Foundation


Clare de Boer is the co-head chef at New York hot spot, King.  She was one of the nominees for the prestigious 2018 James Beard Awards.  Clare worked at the famed River Cafe in London, her home town, before moving to New York.  Her cooking has been praised for its elegant simplicity.

Sarah Rinkavage


New Kids on the Butcher Block: The Rising Stars of the Culinary World  Sarah Rinkavage
Photo Courtesy of James Beard Foundation


Sarah Rinkavage is the Chef de Cuisine at Marisol in Chicago. Her work is inspired by a seasonal palate of fresh, locally grown vegetables. She is known for her sophisticated style and her elegant preparations of meals.  She was one of the 2018 James Beard Awards nominees for Rising Chef.

Miles Thompson


New Kids on the Butcher Block: The Rising Stars of the Culinary World  Miles Thompson
Photo Courtesy of James Beard Foundation


Miles Thompson is the executive chef at Michael’s in Santa Monica, California, and another James Beard Rising Chef nominee for 2018. Miles started in Los Angeles as a line chef at Nobu.  He later joined the kitchen staff at Animals and then Son of a Gun. His passion and drive led him to open his first restaurant, Allumette, where his passion for sustainability was on display. He is recognized for creating innovative dishes using locally sourced products.

Kevin Tien


New Kids on the Butcher Block: The Rising Stars of the Culinary World  Kevin Tien
Photo Courtesy of James Beard Foundation


Kevin Tien is the owner and executive chef of Himitsu in Washington DC. The accolades have been piling up.  He was a 2017 Washington Business Journal 40 Under 40 honoree, and in 2018 he was one of the finalists for the Rising Chef award from the James Beard Foundation. Himitsu was named one of Bon Appetit’s 50 best new restaurants last year. His menu showcases his Southern and Southeast Asian inspired takes on Japanese food.

Arash Al Kharat


New Kids on the Butcher Block: The Rising Stars of the Culinary World Arash Al Kharat
Photo Courtesy of Beavers


Arash al Kharat is the chef at the legendary Houston, Texas, Beaver’s Restaurant. “My style of cooking has always been heavily influenced by Houston – the Vietnamese, Filipino, African, and Hispanic,” Kharat says. “You throw all that into a mix and this is what you get.” Kharat has succeeded in making Beaver’s a restaurant destination by focusing on barbecue that is unlike any other.  He was named one of the Houston dining scene’s rising star chefs this year.

Noah Sandoval


New Kids on the Butcher Block: The Rising Stars of the Culinary World  Noah Sandoval
Photo Courtesy of Food & Wine


Noah Sandoval is the Executive Chef and owner of Oriole, a restaurant nestled away in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood. His restaurant has earned two Michelin stars in just its first year and has been named Best New Restaurant by Chicago Magazine. The intimate eatery can host 28 guest in an elegant dining room with an open kitchen. Food & Wine named him the Best New Chef of 2017. His menu is eclectic, drawing from his experiences growing up all over the world as a child of a Navy parent.  Menu options have included hamachi with yuzu kosho topped with genmai, crispy puffs of grain; rye capellini with white truffle and yeast butter; a mid-meal bread course of exquisite sourdough, slathered with whipped butter, wheat berries and caraway.

Are you craving for more?  Enjoy learning about other up and coming culinary talents in our article about the four chefs leading fine dining trends.

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New Kids on the Butcher Block: The Rising Stars of the Culinary World