Professional Makeup Artists on YouTube

Was Santa good to you this year?  If you find yourself with a kit full of designer make-up and are looking for a way to create your new look, head to YouTube.  Once just a place for make-up lovers with more enthusiasm than know-how, YouTube is now a home for professional make-up artists with impressive pedigrees.  Our favorite YouTube beauty channels will not only keep you updated on the newest product lines and tools but will show you how to put those products to their proper use.

Lisa Eldridge



Lisa Eldridge blazed the trail for professional make-up artists on YouTube.  Her career as a professional make-up artist takes her all over the globe — working on runway shows for major fashion houses, shoots for international fashion magazines, and events with celebrity clientele.  Her channel dates back five years and is a wealth of information and tutorials.  Lisa also recently published a remarkably researched book on the history of make-up that any beauty aficionado would love to get their hands on.

Monika Blunder



Monika Blunder’s channel skews a bit younger, which makes sense as she is a preferred make-up artist for young Hollywood stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Alba.  In addition to helpful look tutorials, her channel features sit downs with other fashion and beauty professionals in informal and informative chat sessions.

Charlotte Tilbury



Charlotte Tilbury is Kate Moss’s go-to make-up artist, and nobody works the rock and roll glam look like she does.  Like Eldridge, Tilbury has worked on runway shows for major designers like Tom Ford and and Donna Karan, as well as working privately for celebs and other clients.  Tibury’s channel is tutorial-heavy, featuring particularly amazing before and afters.

So do you have a favorite beauty vlogger?  We are always looking for new tips.

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Professional Makeup Artists on YouTube