The 8 Most Coveted Products from Paris Art + Design

Season after season for the past 22 years, Paris Art + Design (referred to as PAD), has been the pioneering event for art and design aficionados and collectors.  This eclectic, intimate event offers unique items that span several decades. Those who have a passion for decorative arts and design find much to love at PAD.  Paris Art + Design encompasses modern art, jewelry, and both historical and contemporary design.  Primitive Art is a new addition to the event but can be found front and center at this year’s exhibit.

According to their event site, “The engaging aspect of PAD is its invitation to enter a personal collection, conceived by a selection of local and international art dealers – all of whom are leaders in their fields, eager to address each passionate collector in a unique manner.”  Please enjoy our picks for the eight best products from Paris Art + Design 2018.

Tapestry by Alexandra Mocanu for Galerie Mouvements Modernes



A stunning tapestry by artist Alexandra Mocanu is the Best Contemporary Design Object at the Paris Art + Design show 2018.  Galerie Mouvements Modernes, located in Booth 5, presented several tapestries made with natural colored wool and cotton. This beautiful piece of handcrafted art is a lovely way to bring color, warmth, and movement to any room.

Unique Cabinet presented by Mattheiu Richard


Matthieu Richard PAD 2018
Photo courtesy of Matthieu Richard


The award for 20th century design item went to Matthieu Richard Gallery.   This unique chest is oak in a sand color and features an eye-catching hinge strip in wrought iron.  We love the mix of metal with wood in this industrial looking piece.

Rare Osvaldo Borsani Desk


Rare Osvaldo Borsani Desk Anne Autegarden products from Paris Art + Design
Photo courtesy of Anne Autegarden


Anne Autegarden, located at 102 avenue Marquis de Villalobar in Brussels, Belgium, presented this sleek desk in the gallery of 20th century design.  This hard to find piece is from Italy circa 1955 by Osvaldo Borsani.  The beautiful lines on this walnut desk are perfection with the clear glass top showing them off.

Charles Kalpakian Crescent Loveseat


Charles Kalpakian Crescent Loveseat PAD 2018
Photo courtesy of PAD Fairs


Béatrice Saint Laurent, 10 rue Bonaparte, Paris, France, presented in the contemporary design category.  This lovely crescent loveseat is an excellent piece for small spaces, measuring 83H x 154L x 74P cm. The soothing color and soft texture make it an inviting addition to any room.

Prairie King Chandelier


Prairie King Chandelier PAD 2018
Photo courtesy of PAD Fair


This attention getting chandelier was presented by Le Gaillard & Julien Lombrail, of 54 rue de la Verrerie, Paris, France.  This Stuart Haygarth chandelier features seven vintage metal rocking horses made of chromed aluminum.  Cabachone fairground lights illuminate this piece.  It is titled “Prairie King”, and if one wanted to call these unicorns instead of horses no one would argue with that.  This is a limited edition piece.

Glass Topped Low Table from Garrido Gallery


Glass Topped Low Table from Garrido Gallery PAD 2018
Photo courtesy of PAD Fair


Juan and Paloma Garrido of Garrido Gallery at 28500 Arganda Del Rey, Madrid, Spain, presented a contemporary gallery of work. This round accent table is bronze with an antique finish and a top made from glass.  There are only 8 available of this limited edition piece.

Tiles Coffee Table by Jongerius Hella


Tiles Coffee Table by Jongerius Hella PAD 2018
Photo courtesy of PAD Fair


Didier & Clémence Krzentowski of Gallerie Kreo at 31 rue Dauphine, Paris, France, shared this stunning contemporary home accent piece.  The “Tiles” coffee table is designed by Jongerius Hella and produced by Galerie Kreo.  This colorful table is wood with 29 long porcelain tiles across the top.  This limited edition piece has just 8 tables available, including two numbered and signed pieces.

Oculus by Martin Hlubucek


Oculus by Martin Hlubucek Paris Art + Design 2018
Photo courtesy of PAD Fair


Clara Scremini Gallery, 99 rue Quincampoix, 75003 Paris, France, delivered show stopping decorative pieces in the glass and ceramic gallery.  This unique art piece called Oculus, created by Martin Hlubucek, has caught the eye of many design conscious patrons at the event.

So, tell us what are your favorite products from Paris Art + Design this year?  Remember the event will return April 3-7, 2019.  You don’t want to miss it! To see more spring design trends from recent home design shows, please read our in depth article about the what luxury design in 2018 looks like at Index Dubai.

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The 8 Most Coveted Products from Paris Art + Design