Anthony Bourdain’s Favorite Restaurants

Anthony Bourdain is well-known as one of the most famous chefs and culinary personalities in the world. As the world mourns the loss of a culinary great, we thought we would celebrate his impressive career.  Bourdain is known for running top restaurants in New York City and also his growing fame as an internationally acclaimed food writer and television host. Bourdain became a household name through his love of food and hundreds, if not thousands, of food reviews he has made over the years. Here we’ll revisit just a few stand-outs among Anthony Bourdain’s favorite restaurants.



Anthony Bourdain's Favorite Restaurants
Photo courtesy of Tickets


Set in picturesque Barcelona, Spain; Tickets is a whimsical restaurant with theatrical style and one of the most sought-after reservations in the culinary world. Anything but stuffy, Bourdain hailed Tickets for serving the “most ridiculously good food in the most ridiculously casual situation” and lauded chef Ferran Adrià as one of the most forward-thinking chefs in the modern world of gastronomy. If you want to dine at Tickets be sure to book well in advance as this top class restaurant books up over two months in advance.

Joe Beef


Anthony Bourdain's Favorite Restaurants Joe Beef
Photo courtesy of Joe Beef


A surprising favorite of Bourdain’s is Montreal steakhouse Joe Beef, named for the legendary Charles “Joe-Beef” McKiernan, 19th century innkeeper and Montreal working class hero. Founded in 2005 in the then-scruffy neighborhood of Little Burgandy, it sits just a “drunken crawl away from the Historic Atwater market.” The restaurant specializes in delicious steaks and seafood dishes. By 2011, this restaurant was widely hailed as Canada’s most famous and doubled in size. With a familial atmosphere and relaxed vibe, Joe Beef is definitely a must-try experience on the North American culinary scene.

Le Comptoir


Anthony Bourdain's Favorite Restaurants Le Comptoir
Photo courtesy of Le Comptoir


Although Anthony Bourdain claimed “you can’t do wrong” anywhere in Paris he listed Le Comptoir as a favorite. French for “The Counter,” Le Comptoir is a beloved bistro by all. It books weeks in advance for weeknight dining and does not accept reservations for lunch or weekends. It has no menu, diners are presented with the chef’s choice luxury French comfort food of course ending with a scrumptious cheese platter.

Mission Chinese Food


Anthony Bourdain's Favorite Restaurants Mission Chinese Food
Photo courtesy of Mission Chinese


Bourdain claims this unlikely favorite is all about one thing: fun!


At Mission Chinese I drink cocktails with food, my judgment is destroyed by the time the appetizers arrive there. They do these lethal drinks that you would never in your right mind drink in any other circumstance. Mai Tais, really? Why not?


Located in New York City’s Lower East Side, this cult favorite serves up Sichuan inspired Asian-American fare. It sits in a spacious venue with communal tables and a lively atmosphere.  Make reservations well in advance as this trendy favorite books up fast!

Johnnie’s Beef

Looking for Chicago’s absolute best Italian Beef? Locals and those in the know will most definitely point you to Elmwood Park’s Johnnie’s Beef. Bourdain has made no secret that this classic Chicago eatery is a favorite of his.


“Either on my way into town or out of town, I’m going Italian beef at Johnnie’s.”


Come armed with cash and patience as there is always a line out the door waiting for their famed Italian Ice and Italian Beef, both Chicago classics!



Anthony Bourdain's Favorite Restaurants Marea
Photo courtesy of Marea


Italian for “tide,” Marea is an Italian restaurant in New York’s posh Central Park South neighborhood featuring innovative Southern Italian fare. Anthony Bourdain has been known to indulge in not one but three or four pasta entrees per visit to this favorite NYC spot. The menu features coastal seafood inspired dishes along with an impressive wine list of over 750 selections to choose from. Top dining guides routinely list this two Michelin star restaurant as one of New York’s finest.

While Anthony’s Bourdain’s favorite restaurants are too numerous to list here, you can be assured that these were among his very favorites. The world lost a great culinary mind with his death and he will be greatly missed. Be sure to toast to his life and work when you visit one of his favorite restaurants. If you’re looking to learn more about dining around the world, check out The World’s Five Best Cities for Food.

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Anthony Bourdain's Favorite Restaurants