.Luxury Spotlight: Kristen Taekman

This week we are spotlighting the .Luxury site of our luxury fashion ambassador, Kristen Taekman.  She shares her passion of city and style at Lastnightslook.Luxury.  Kristen started blogging when she was on “The Real Housewives of New York” and has switched over to a .Luxury domain to reflect her love of luxury fashion.  She shares inspiration and ideas about beauty, makeup, fashion, travel and of course mommy wisdom.  Kristen recently told us:

My passion for New York City and the clothes that fill the sidewalks on a daily basis is endless. I am so lucky to live in a melting pot of unique style and individuality. Being a few blocks away from storefronts of world-famous designers never gets old. I am so happy to share my passion of the city and style with everyone through Lastnightslook.Luxury.

We asked Kristen a few questions about her new .Luxury domain.

.Luxury: What is your favorite part of being on this new and exciting world-wide-web platform?

Kristen: My favorite part about being on this new and exciting world-wide-web platform is the fact that I am one of a select few fashion ambassadors for THE first luxury domain. This is such an exciting opportunity!

.Luxury:  What made you decide to launch Last Nights Look using a .luxury domain?

Kristen: I am fortunate enough to live a luxurious lifestyle right in the heart of Manhattan. Now that I have launched LastNightsLook.Luxury, I feel as if my blog can finally reflect my true fashion self.

.Luxury:  How is having has a .LUXURY site elevated your brand?

Kristen:  Having a .Luxury website has elevated my brand, therefore taking it in a completely new direction. .Luxury has brought me a whole new audience and has allowed me to live out my luxurious fashion dreams. My blog, LastNightsLook.Luxury, has also expanded my followers and now appeals to a variety of people all over the world.

Kristen has already written two posts for Discover.Luxury.  You can see her thoughts on the opening of Bergdorf Goodman and her experience at the New York Fashion Week.  See more posts from Kristen Taekman every month by subscribing to our newsletter.

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.Luxury Spotlight:  Kristen Taekman