The Five Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in Los Angeles

What started as a trend in the early 1990s has become a staple in the world of innovative and exciting cuisine. With its increased availability almost everywhere, it’s easy to be able to enjoy a wide range of Asian fusion, especially in Los Angeles. These are our five favorites that we think are the best Asian fusion restaurants in Los Angeles.

Feng Mao Lamb Kebab



In a decidedly casual setting, Feng Mao Lamb Kebab merges Korean and Chinese cooking styles indicative of the region from which the restaurant takes its name. That region lies along the northern Korean-Chinese border and a Korean-Chinese person would pronounce it “Poong Moo”. But, all that aside, it’s all about those lamb kebabs and the restaurant’s unique two-tier set-up allowing a sear on the bottom level and a roast on the top level.



Hip and upscale, Baroo is the modern version of the Asian fusion ideal. With dishes like the one pictured, the karma circulation with grains, egg, and chicken is comprised of rice, Korean fried chicken marinated with noorook salt, kimchied corn salsa with celery, fennel, jalapeno perila fermented moo (radish), gochujang aioli, and sumac. These modern Korean classics with a modern American twist are a sheer delight.




Chef Sang Yoon’s Lukshon creates fine renderings of Southeast Asian cuisine that is innovative yet familiar much like a sunny side up egg over heirloom black rice with garlic, chile, and lapcheong. In a gorgeous steel and teak setting in Culver City, Lukshon is a feast for your senses beyond taste. Lukshon notes, “Every aspect of Lukshon is crafted with incredible attention to detail, from the expertly plated dishes, to the unique furnishings, and impeccable service.”

Orsa & Winston


Orsa & Winston The Five Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in Los Angeles
Photo courtesy of Orsa & Winston


This restaurant named after two adorable, little dogs is anything but cutesy. It is, as they describe it, “a labor of love for chef-owner Josef Centeno”. Having found inspiration in “Italian and Japanese ingredients and cooking, the kitchen strives to create innovative and soulful tasting menus.” Orsa & Winston is a delight from the setting to the service to the exciting and inspired food.




Billed as a hip Asian tapas bar, Fin is more than hype, their innovative menu includes a wide range of craft cocktails too. Established in 2013, Fin notes that they’re “Open nightly for craft cocktails and imaginative dishes inspired by traditional Asian and American cuisine.” They also have a late night option as well that definitely takes care of that late night appetite with dishes like the jicama fish tacos.

Clearly, the style of fusion cuisine is going nowhere and we’ll all benefit from that fact especially when it comes to Asian fusion. So, which of our picks will be the first you try? After making it through this list, you’ll want to visit all of the our favorite Chinese restaurants in Los Angeles, too.

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The Five Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in Los Angeles