The Best Wine and Steak Pairings in the World

Enjoy your next steak dinner with a glass of wine.  We have demystified wine and steak pairings for you with the best wine and steak pairings in the world.  The tannins in red wine can leave a dry feeling in your mouth but they work very well with the fat in steak.  The deep, rich flavors in red wine can stand up to steak like no other option.  Take our suggestions and head to your local steakhouse for the meal of your dreams.  Nothing pairs better with a steak dinner than an amazing glass of wine. Our list of the best red wine for steak dinner includes many popular choices as well as a few that you may not have enjoyed yet. Sample them all to find your favorite option.


The Best Wine and Steak Pairings in the World
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A classic combination is Cabernet with a grilled steak.  You really can’t go wrong with this pairing!  Try a California or Washington Cabernet blend with any steak.  Be adventurous and ask for a blend from a lesser known region of the western United States.  A good choice might be the Shafer 2004 Hillside Select Cabernet Sauvignon from Shafer Vineyards.


Malbec is a traditional wine and steak pairing in Argentina and it can be a great alternative to a Cabernet.  A Malbec blend can almost smell beefy which makes them pair wonderfully with your favorite grilled steak.  Looking for a good suggestion?  Try the Kaiken Mai from Kaiken Wines.


A berry-rich Zinfandel from California also pairs well with most steaks especially if you are adding some spice to your seasoning.  They work well with a touch of spice and are rich enough to be paired with steak.  We personally love the 2012 Beekeeper Cellars Zinfandel Black Sears.  Be sure to pick a red Zinfandel as the white versions are not a good option for steak.


The Best Wine and Steak Pairings in the World
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If you choose a leaner cut of steak like filet mignon, choose a wine with fewer tannins like Syrah.  A Syrah is elegant and savory and the herbal notes of these wines will pair perfectly with those lean cuts of meat. This is a popular wine and steak pairing.

Pinot Noir

If you love your steak rare or medium rare, consider a lighter red wine like Pinot Noir.  The doneness of the steak also matters when choosing the best wine and steak pairings in the world.  The Antica Terra 2012 Antikythera would be a wonderful choice.


Another option is a well aged Tempranillo with assertive tannins.  If you are having a grilled cut of steak that is marbled with fat, a Tempranillo might hit the spot!

A big bottle of red is sure to complete your steak dinner.  If you love grilled meats, give our wine and steak pairings a try.  You may just fine one that you love!  Do you have a favorite best red wine for steak dinner to add to the pairings on our list? For more outstanding food and wine pairing suggestions, please enjoy our article about the best wine pairings to find out which wine works with which meal.

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The Best Wine and Steak Pairings in the World