Wine of the Month: Which Club is the Best

The only thing better than wine is having your favorite selections delivered straight to your door. A Wine of the Month clubs gives you the opportunity to expand your wine palate, as well as provide you the convenience of home delivery. Can’t take that trip to wine country this year? No problem! Savor the best your favorite vineyards have to offer with a wine of the month subscription. You can choose the type of wine you would like to receive, how many bottles to receive, as well as the frequency of delivery. Which club is the best? Here are some of the most popular options to choose from today. Check them out and see which wine of the month club best suits your needs.



Vinebox Wine of the Month Club is the Best
Photo Courtesy of Vinebox


“Exclusive, hand-picked wines from the best places on earth: These wines aren’t available at your local store. This is the stuff that you stumble across on a backroad trip through Tuscany, the gems that local restaurants save for a special occasion.”


Started in 2015, Vinebox is one of the newer arrivals to the wine of the month club scene but has already made a big splash. The subscription offers quarterly releases which start at $72. Receive 9 different wines by the glass based on your preferences. The unique “by the class” option allows you to savor a greater variety of wines, plus you are not “stuck” with an entire bottle of wine that you do not care for. Enjoy the samples offered, then order more of your favorites.



Winc Wine of the Month: Which Club is the Best
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“Delicious handcrafted wines, delivered straight to your doorstep.”


Formerly known as Club W, Winc starts out by asking you six questions about the flavors you love. The wine of the month club then uses your responses to curate a selection of wines for you. Winc offers monthly delivery of wines that will suit your palate. Subscribers can also rate the wines that they receive so that the club can further refine the selections that will be offered.

The California Wine Club


The California Wine Club Wine of the Month Club is the Best
Photo Courtesy of California Wine Club


“Since 1990, it’s been our wine club’s mission to help artisan wineries share their small-batch wines with wine enthusiasts everywhere. At The California Wine Club we happen to think these wines simply taste better than the mass-produced wines that dominate store shelves.”


One of the longest-running wine clubs in the United States is the California Wine Club. The team visits real working wineries to meet the artisan winemakers and then invites them to share their favorite wines with club members. The California Wine Club offers five different wine club levels, which they call “series,” and vary in price and wine selection. This wine of the month club also offers gift services and packaged gift options for weddings and other events.

Cellars Wine Club


Cellars Wine of the Month: Which Club is the Best
Photo Courtesy of Cellars Wine Club


“Cellars is founded on the belief that amazing wine is meant to be shared, and our in house team of tasters have made it their mission to find the very best wines bring to your table. From classics to rising stars and overlooked gems, we search high and low to find wines that are nothing short of excellent.”


The business began as a brick and mortar wine shop and evolved into an online business as the market moved that way. The Cellars Wine of the Month Club founders are wine lovers, first and foremost. They bring their experience to the club as they offer members a “no bad bottle” guarantee and a commitment to excellence.

Which wine of the month club is the best for you? One offers artisan wines, while another offers the option of sampling a glass instead of an entire bottle. Give them all a glance to find the best club for you. For more great wine selections, see our story about the wine pairing and what to drink with your favorite foods.

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Wine of the Month: Which Club is the Best