Top Shelf: The Essentials You Need for Cocktail Hour

Summer is the perfect time of year for entertaining.  Before you can invite guests over for cocktails, you must make sure that your home bar is properly stocked.  We are here to help you determine what the essentials you need for cocktail hour to be the perfect host or hostess.  Start with alcohol and add on bar ware.  A completely stocked bar is just a few purchases away.


Gizmodo analyzed popular cocktail recipes to determine the five types of liquor most commonly used in cocktails.  Their comprehensive analysis led them to suggest that a well-stocked home bar contain these five spirits:

  1. Vodka
  2. Gin
  3. Bourbon
  4. Bitters
  5. Sweet Vermouth

If you have bottles of these five liquors on hand, you can make a wide range of drinks for cocktail hour.  Of course, you can supplement this list with your favorite liquors and liqueurs as well.  What other spirits do you keep on hand in your home bar?

Bar Ware

While alcohol is of course important for a well stocked bar, you will have difficulty make and serving the cocktails without quality bar ware.  We rounded up our favorite supplies that together will make a well stocked bar for cocktail hour.  Here are a few of our favorite supplies:


Barware Essentials


  1. Massena Ice Bucket by Baccarat ($900)
  2. Pulltaps Classic Corkscrew (price available upon request)
  3. Waterford Dungarvan 7oz Tumbler, Pair with Decanter ($350)
  4. Alessia 5050 Cocktail Shaker ($125)
  5. Ralph Lauren Huntley Bar Tools Set ($250)
  6. Lumian Poly Jigger (2,90 Euro)
  7. Lumian Gold-plated Bar Spoon (8,90 Euro)

If you follow these guidelines, you will be well prepared for any cocktail hour.  Stock up your bar cart, send out your invitations and enjoy!  Your bar will be ready for any summer get together once you order the essentials you need for cocktail hour today.  Do you have anything to add to our cocktail essentials guide?

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Top Shelf: The Essentials You Need for Cocktail Hour