Fine Dining Restaurants in India Worthy of a Michelin Star

Surprisingly there are still no Michelin star restaurants in India. There are however plenty of fine dining opportunities that will make you think otherwise. These India restaurants offer the most exclusive dining experiences in the country. Many are branches of Michelin star restaurants from other countries. If you are looking for the most luxurious dining experience in India, look no further than these three fine dining restaurants in India.

Indian Accent


Indian Accent Fine Dining Restaurants in India
Photo Courtesy of Indian Accent


Indian Accent is a world-class restaurant founded in New Dehli. After its flagship restaurant’s success, it went on to open locations in London and New York.


Since it opened to virtually immediate critical acclaim in Delhi in 2009, Indian Accent has consistently been ranked as the best restaurant in India and one of the most celebrated in the world. Founder Rohit Khattar and executive chef Manish Mehrotra’s traditional Indian cuisine refashioned into something more modern, more global and, quite frankly, rather special, made the restaurant an instant hit. The Delhi mother ship achieved global cult foodie status by way of its tasting menus that showcased its most popular dishes while embracing the challenge of introducing innovative new ones. Recently it moved from its cosy Manor Hotel birthplace to the more central, exclusive and architecturally dramatic Lodhi Hotel, located in a smart, tree-lined residential area 10 minutes from Connaught Place. –The Cultured Traveler


Critics widely acclaim Indian Accent for its innovative take on traditional Indian cuisine. Restaurant aficionados regard all three locations as Michelin star quality. They are hopefuls on the annual list each year since they opened. Fine dining restaurants in India do not get much better than this!

Le Cirque


Le Cirque India Restaurants
Photo Courtesy of Le Cirque


Le Cirque offers two India restaurants. The Leela hotels house the restaurants, one in New Delhi and also in Mumbai. Chefs at both restaurants specialize in Franco-Italian cuisine.


Savor French-Italian cuisine in settings that make you want to come back for more. Make an experience out of dining—try Chef Matteo’s 6-course tasting menu that will embark you on an inspiring culinary journey. It’s the most sought-after fine-dining restaurant in Delhi, hosting many celebrity guests, socialites and dignitaries from across the world. Le Cirque, the grand landmark restaurant of New York brings its avant-garde bar with exclusive walk-in wine cellar, a personal chef’s table, Delhi’s most prestigious show kitchen, and exclusive private dining rooms.


Le Cirque is widely regarded as one of the world’s best restaurants, and the two Indian locations are no different. They create more than a simple meal, at La Cirque it is also truly a world-class fine dining experience.

Dum Pukht


Dum Pukht Michelin Star Restaurants in India: Top Fine Dining Options
Photo Courtesy of Dum Pukht


Dum Pukht in New Dehli’s ITC Maurya hotel is also a favorite among Bollywood stars and international dignitaries. It is one of the best fine dining restaurants in India. The restaurant prepares food in the traditional Awadhi manner.


This iconic, award winning restaurant beckons you to partake in a royal experience as it recreates the 200 year old culinary legacy from the kitchens of the majestic Nawabs. Dum Pukht, a process of slow-cooking in a sealed ‘handi’, allows the ingredients to mature in their own juices to bring out the intense flavours, aromas and leisurely luxury of the food, imbuing it with richness that distinguishes the cuisine. Reviving the artfulness of courtly manner and presentation from across the country, Dum Pukht brings you the grand cuisine of India in a setting that truly befits its regal origins. The exquisite décor infused with deep sapphire blues and silver, reminisces a bygone era and evokes a sense of the old-world charm.


Guests at Dum Pukht also enjoy their meals against an elegant backdrop. The opulent decorations give the restaurant and old-world charm.

Despite there being no Michelin-starred restaurants in India, you can achieve a world-class dining experience at these acclaimed India restaurants. So, which of these fine dining restaurants in India will you try? For more fine dining fun, explore The World’s Five Best Cities for Food.

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Fine Dining Restaurants in India Worthy of a Michelin Star