Fine Dining: What Does it Take to Get a Michelin Star?

Getting a Michelin star is a great way to prove you are one of the best of the best, but getting a star isn’t always as easy as being a great restaurant. These restaurants treat every day like they may be serving a reviewer.  Over the decades, the Michelin guide has become an almost sacred book by chefs, culinary restaurants, and people seeking high class dining. Michelin gives up to 3-stars. Getting 1-star means you are a very good restaurant. If you get 2-stars, you are a restaurant worth a detour. The prized 3-star means your restaurant offers exceptional food and you are worth a special trip to visit. So, what does it take to get a Michelin star? Michelin is secretive on their criteria and reviewers often show up anonymously. Here are a few ways that restaurants strive to obtain those coveted stars.

Generate a Buzz

Michelin inspectors are scoping out websites, blogs, and restaurant reviews in newspapers and local magazines. Michelin looks for local buzz with emphasis on service, décor, and food.

Be Meticulous and Disciplined

These restaurants must treat every night as if it is the night they will be reviewed by a Michelin inspector. Service must be exceptional, the cuisine to die for, and décor up to castle-like standards. Michelin star restaurants strive for the best.

Get Training from a Michelin Star Chef

By choosing a chef who has already earned 1-3 Michelin stars, a restaurant can get on the Michelin’s radar.  Aspiring chefs often train under a Michelin star chef to gain recognition.

Get Creative

Michelin star inspectors are looking for uniqueness, creativeness, and excellence. When people are introduced to new cutting edge trends, it gets talked about. Creativity can come in all shapes and sizes. Michelin star restaurants often get creative with recipes, the placement of the food, or even style.

Only Use the Best Ingredients

Sorry, but cutting corners on your ingredients will not get you a Michelin star. Ingredients are the key to making any cuisine extravagant. Many Michelin chefs who have been starred have been known to use hard-to-find ingredients or to personally make their own. They build relationships with farmers, bakers, and even cheese-makers to find only the very best ingredients for their dishes.

Which Michelin star restaurants have you been to?  Try one off of our list of the most unique Michelin star restaurants.

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Fine Dining: What Does it Take to Get a Michelin Star?