What Your Signature Drink Says About You

Like a timepiece, eyewear or lip color, a signature cocktail can speak volumes about your personal sensibility. Having a preferred tipple suggests confidence; it’s a sure-tell sign of a well-traveled sophisticate. Now, learn about what your signature cocktail says about you below.

Toasting with champagne in Paris

Quinta do Noval Vintage: The Continental Epicure


Selection of fine wines

If there’s one habit that’s stuck with you from your summers abroad—aside from your joie de vivre and laissez-faire approach to life—it’s your appreciation of the finest wine. You’d rather laugh with a friend over a good glass of vino than worry about crow’s feet any day. Only one thing can rouse your carefree, effortless sensibility, and that’s your insistence on a quality port. You may or may not be a chef, but you certainly have the savoir-faire when it comes to hosting, and you’re famous amongst your friends for your long dinners featuring perfectly paired wines, like the 1997 Quinta do Noval Vintage.

Hennessy XO: The Driven Connoisseur


Top view of Hennessy on the rocks

Energetic and ambitious, your motto is “work hard, play harder.” You expect the best from everyone, including yourself, so why would your signature drink be any different? You never mind footing the bill if it means offering your guests a taste of luxury. You can tell right away whether a glass contains an X.O. or a V.S.O.P., and you know which cigar best complements your favorite vintage Hennessy X.O.

Tanqueray No. Ten & Tonic: The Old Soul


Making a Gin and Tonic

You are an old-fashioned soul.  Like this classic highball cocktail, your sensibilities reflect the consummate Brit. Intelligent and polite, with a stiff upper lip and a wicked sense of humor, you’re happy to sit and observe the comedy around you at a party. You have a fondness for history and tradition, and likely inherited your preference for Tanqueray No. Ten from your grandmother. Trendy concoctions may come and go, but you pay no mind to passing fads, opting instead for tried-and-true classics.

Scotch: The Cultured Cognoscente


Holding a Glass of Scotch

Striking the perfect balance between rugged and refined, you have a taste level that’s impeccable without being ostentatious. You likely know how to play more than one instrument.  You would ftails,eel equally at home in a sleek Tribeca apartment or a sprawling Nashville rustic country home. Though you may prefer a subtle and stealthy approach to life’s luxuries, you spare no expense when it comes to your drink of choice. As connoisseurs can attest, nothing beats the rich portfolio of The Macallan’s 1824 series.

Moët and Chandon Champagne: The Social Butterfly


Tower of Champagne Glasses at a Party

Spontaneous and happy-go-lucky, you raise a toast to commemorate every single one of life’s positive moments. Your infectiously effervescent personality ensures that you are forever the one people want to be around. Much like how Moët & Chandon combine seamlessly with Grey Goose vodka to make the ultimate mimosa, you’re able to mix effortlessly with virtually anyone. Your timeless elegance can turn the most unassuming of events into celebratory occasions.

While it ultimately comes down to a matter of taste, your signature cocktail reveals aspects of your personality you may not have ever considered.

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What Your Signature Drink Says About You