The 6 Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in Brazil

Brazil is a country widely known for samba and white beaches. Surprisingly, Brazil is also home to nearly two million Japanese descendants, the largest group outside of Japan. The Japanese immigrants first began entering Brazil in 1908. During the past 100 years, this blending of cultures has paved the way for a modern fusion of Asian and Brazilian flavors.



The # Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in Brazil


Sawasdee has received many awards for their authentic blend of Thai and Brazilian dishes. Chef Marcos Sodré inherited from his grandmother and father the taste for cooking. In 1997, he discovered his true gastronomic love; Asian food. Since then, he has traveled to Thailand several times, where he has taken courses to improve his technique that he has been adapting differently to the palate of the Brazilian. In addition to Thai food classics such as Royal Pad Thai and Mussaman Curry, Sawasdee’s menu is dynamic and always fresh and brings a very Brazilian perspective to his Asian dishes.

Tian Restaurante

The Tian Restaurant is contemporary, sophisticated and urban. They reinterpret Asian food in a modern way with light seasonings and striking aromas. In this restaurant, you’ll experience the traditional Eastern way of dining in a cozy, modern setting. Tian’s dishes are a reinterpretation of traditional Asian cuisine with modern cooking techniques. Its dishes are based on the recipes of the countries of Thailand, Japan, China, Philippines, Vietnam and Korea. When you dine at Tian, you’ll share meals family style.

Restaurante Mestico and Cafe Mestico


The # Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in Brazil Mestico
Photo Courtesy of Mestico


Founded in 1997, Mestiço brings together the varied expressions of modern food creation and stands out as exceptional in bustling São Paulo. Chef Ina de Abreu believes in offering food that have both simplicity and richness of flavors. Her influence comes from a 1996 trip to Thailand where she had learned hands-on how to make the local delicacies. Chicken with Thai style basil and soft Bahian moqueca of sea bass or shrimp with rice and farofa is just one of the many fusion dishes you can find on Mestico’s menu.

Tantra Restaurant

Tantra Restaurant is an exotic dining experience with snake charmers and aerial shows. The Mongolian Grill Buffet offers a range of innovative rotisserie options ranging from seafood, meat, poultry and fish, as well as vegetables, sauces and spices and condiments. One of their famous dishes you’ll want to order is seasoned salmon and fresh herbs. They cook many of their dishes in the typical Fiji style, wrapping food in banana leaves and placing incandescent volcanic stones in a special oven.

Jui Restaurante

Born in Malaysia and raised in Brazil, chef-owner Tan Tjui-Tseng, or Tan, brings together restaurants from around the world. His experiences in Southeast Asia also contributed heavily to influences on the passion, flavor and composition of his dishes. Jui’s dishes have influences from different Asian locations, always maintaining originality. You’ll enjoy the contemporary features that can be seen in the restaurant’s design, and harmony of the presentation of our dishes.  Jui is a contemporary Asian food restaurant located in the neighborhood of Chácara Santo Antônio, in the south of São Paulo. Jui is also the perfect place for hosting your private event.

Although Asian-Latin American fusion restaurants and cuisine are growing in popularity, Asian influence on Latin American food has existed long before this trendy new surge in food-culture. For as long as Asian immigrants have been moving to Latin America, they have been blending the flavors and ingredients from their native countries with the tastes of their new home. You might also want to try these Four Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in Boston.

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The 6 Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in Brazil