The Artist House: Hong Kong’s New Luxury Craft Brewery

Five years ago, Hong Kong had just two craft breweries. Only two. Then, as if someone had flipped a switch, the local craft beer market exploded. In just five years, this small territory expanded from two breweries to a whopping 35 in 2018. Hong Kong’s newest luxury craft brewery has been a smashing success. Let’s take a look at The Artist House Hong Kong and how it has become this city’s newest lifestyle hub.

The Concept


The Artist House Hong Kong’s New Luxury Craft Brewery
Photo courtesy of The Artist House


The luxury premium craft beer company The Artist is the brainchild of cousins Olivier Gilson and Benjamin Cox. These immigrants had strong entrepreneurial and operational expertise which had them well prepared for this venture. Their goal was to create a physical extension of the 14th-century farm in the South of Belgium where their beer is brewed.

The Artist House opened in March 2018 and serves as an educational journey into the tradition of craft brewing. The unique concept focuses on sensory experiences, making patrons participants in the brewing process. The Artist House is both a learning experience and a sensory delight for visitors thanks to various interactive features.

The Mission


The Artist House Hong Kong
Photo courtesy of The Artist House


Our mission is to offer you the most unique experience around Craft Beer you ever had. Today, most of our community members have the desire to live experiences rather than simply purchase goods in a traditional way. As such, our key pillar is to constantly focus on innovation to offer you unforgettable craft beer experiences.

The Venue


Venue The Artist House Hong Kong’s New Luxury Craft Brewery
Photo courtesy of The Artist House


The 3,200 square foot space offers an intimate setting for events. The House is both company headquarters and where the makers conduct Research and Development. Visitors can both learn about brewing and enjoy craft beers. Some of the experiences offered at the Artist House Hong Kong include:

  • The bar, where one can discover a large selection of craft beers and other unique artisan beverages.
  • The hydroponic aqua farm, where one can see how they grow their own supply of spices, herbs, and edible flowers.
  • The fragrances laboratory where visitors can select their favorite aromas with which to personalize their craft beer. The range of edible fragrances all originate from ingredients cultivated in the aqua farm.
  • The infusion microbrewery, where guests can prepare their own craft beer infusion using the interactive brewing wall.
  • Coworking space, because why not plan your next team session at a craft brewery?
  • Customized label station, where one can personalize their beer bottle label using personal photographs.

The Beers


The Artist House Beers Hong Kong’s New Luxury Craft Brewery
Photo courtesy of The Artist House


The Artist House Craft Brewery offers four satisfying luxury craft beer options in which patrons can indulge.

  1. The first craft option is the blonde beer. This traditional Belgian beer is crafted with pure malt and hops, with absolutely no additives. It is a well-balanced brew with a touch of bitterness at the end.
  2. The next is the Indian Pale Beer (IPA) that meshes Belgium’s traditional brewing style with the American-style hoppy and bitter craft beers. This blend of old and new world traditions and flavors is a crowd favorite.
  3. The white beer is as light and natural as possible. This luxury craft beer is an outstanding choice for hot summer days thanks to its refreshing citrus notes.
  4. Finally, the raspberry beer is made from a fine selection of raspberries and has a strong, natural aroma. The light taste of this craft beer makes it an excellent accompaniment at dinner.

The Artist House is located at 9 Kingston Street, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay, in Hong Kong. Stop by and give them a try the next time you are in the area to “live life with artistry.”

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The Artist House: Hong Kong’s New Luxury Craft Brewery