Top Chinese Restaurants in Sydney

Trips to Sydney, Australia usually include visits to the Olympic Park, Sydney Harbor,  and the Sydney Opera House. You might also enjoy museums, galleries, beaches, shopping, and of course, dining. Sydney is home to a variety of delicious cuisine. It is most well-known for their own Australian cuisine as well as Nepalese, Malaysian, and Chinese. We’re sharing our choices for the top Chinese restaurants in Sydney.

Blacktown Chopsticks


Top Chinese Restaurants in Sydney
Photo courtesy of Blacktown Chopsticks


A family restaurant since 1995 with long lasting relationships with locals and visitors alike. With a menu full of traditional items, it can be difficult to choose.  They offer meals for both pre-set groupings for their banquet service or ala cart for their takeaway items. Our favorite takeaway item, however, is the Special Rice White Sauce they describe as a “rice mould with a combination of beef, barbeque pork, chicken, king prawns and vegetables in the centre. The mould is covered with a creamy white sauce and finished with almonds.” Their banquet selections are wonderfully put together as well, but have minimum people requirements.  One has a minimum of six people, while the other two options have a 10-person minimum. So, if you’re traveling in a small group, takeaway may be your best option. 

Blue Eye Dragon


Top Chinese Restaurants in Sydney
Photo courtesy of Blue Eye Dragon


While technically a Taiwanese restaurant, the Chinese influence on the cuisine is apparent. Blue Eye Dragon will excite your palate with their Taiwanese curries, stir-fries, and dumplings. Blue Eye Dragon welcomes its guests and notes that “you will feel at home as soon as you step through the Dragon gate into our beautiful bamboo courtyard. Simple ingredients treated with care, cooked with passion and served with a smile are what we do daily. The wide selection of dishes created by the one and only Jade Huang showcases the best of what Taiwan has to offer. Blue Eye Dragon is about family, creating joy and memories around the dinner tables.”

Peacock Gardens


Top Chinese Restaurants in Sydney
Photo courtesy of Peacock Gardens


You will find modern meals on tables with white tablecloths in this upscale restaurant with high ceilings and first class service. Peacock Gardens is located in the inner northern suburb of Crows Nest. They note, “Under the careful direction of proprietor Mathew Chan, Peacock Gardens has been operating with distinction since 1975. The exquisite menu and extensive wine list at Peacock Gardens have been carefully selected by Mathew to ensure the ultimate dining experience. Every month innovative new wines and dishes are introduced, which you can find highlighted on the specials menu.” Those monthly specials will make you a repeat customer, too.

Tarim Uyghur Restaurant



Established in 2011, Tarim Uyghur Restaurant and is a fusion of Uyghur food and Chinese flavors. For a little background, they explain, Uyghur people “are a Turkic ethnic group, living in Eastern and Central Asia. Today, Uyghurs live primarily in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in the People’s Republic of China (referred to by most of them as East Turkestan), where they are officially recognized as one of the 56 ethnic minorities.” They also note that their “Foods range from hand-made noodles to home-made pastry wraps, and stir-fries that go from dry to gravy, meat to vegetable.” They have a wide selection of vegetarian dishes and their menu is Halal.

Which of our restaurant picks entices you most? Upon your return from your trip, you may want to sample these top five Chinese restaurants in Los Angeles.

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Top Chinese Restaurants in Sydney