Unique Concept Restaurants in New York City

Creating new and exciting cuisine comes from chefs and restaurateurs willing to experiment with new ideas and concepts and introduce them to a willing audience. New York is one of those cities in which concept restaurants pop up everywhere and create some of the new and exciting cuisine most of us won’t experience for a while – at least until it catches on. If you don’t want to wait for a concept to spread nationwide, here are some suggestions for New York’s unique concept restaurants.

The Black Ant


Unique Concept Restaurants in New York City
Photo courtesy of The Black Ant


Don’t worry, not everything at The Black Ant is covered in ants, but you will see some on the menu – both for cocktails and food. If you’re more daring, you’ll even go as far as to try the Chapels – roasted grasshoppers with shishito peppers, avocado puree, and queso fresco. Not daring, that’s okay!  There are many non-bug options on the Mexican menu, including great cocktails.

Dirt Candy


Unique Concept Restaurants in New York City
Photo courtesy of Dirt Candy


Instead of dishes that are knockoffs of their meat-based counterparts, Dirt Candy offers a wide range of vegetarian food that stands on its own. Chef and owner Amanda Cohen’s award-winning restaurant believes, “anyone can cook a hamburger, leave the vegetables to the professionals”. And, how. This popular eatery has everything from Korean fried broccoli to brussels sprout tacos as well as a host of vegetable-inspired cocktails like the DC Prickleback or the Celery Rickey.

Pig & Khao


Unique Concept Restaurants in New York City
Photo courtesy of Pig & Khao


At first glance, you may not think that Pig & Khao is making waves, however, there are several items on their menu we’ll expect to see nationwide soon. Our pick is the pad cakes which combine scallion pancakes and Pad Thai. These are sure to become a food truck staple soon. Beyond that, though, the Champorado (Filipino chocolate rice pudding with crispy bacon bits) at brunch or the Malaysian Butter Prawns at dinner paired with a craft cocktail, make Pig & Khao a must.

Brooklyn Grange


Unique Concept Restaurants in New York City
Photo courtesy of Facebook/Brooklyn Grange


Taking the familiar concept of farm-to-table, Brooklyn Grange seats you at the farm, an urban rooftop farm with views of the city. As they describe it, “Brooklyn Grange farms rooftops, builds green spaces, and promotes sustainable living and local ecology through food, education, and events.” Their events tend to sell out, so book early, or visit the farm and stock up on produce.

Macaron Parlour


Unique Concept Restaurants in New York City
Photo courtesy of Facebook/Macaron Parlour


What is there to do to a macaron that would be considered appropriate for a list of concept restaurants? In a word – Cheetos. Yes, Cheetos. It may sound silly, but Macaron Parlour has been experimenting with variations of the macaron for years (as well as other menu items), and they’ve found success with it. Try their Bacon, Gruyere & Scallion Scone or Chipotle, Cheddar, Scallion Scone, and get some Cheetos macarons to go!

From the daring (ants and grasshoppers) to the fun (Cheetos!), chefs, restaurateurs, and food lovers make concept restaurants exciting and fun to visit. So , tell us, which will be your pick? If you appreciate chefs who lead movements, read Chefs Who Are Leading the Way with Farm-to-Table Dining.

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Unique Concept Restaurants in New York City