The World’s Most Expensive Caviar

The name “caviar” alone has evoked a sense of luxury and refined elegance since the time of Peter the Great. Persians are the first to truly appreciate the unique flavor of salt-cured fish eggs.  They associate consuming this delicacy with strength and endurance. Romans believe the elite treat to have healing and medicinal properties. The credit for introducing the exclusive surgeon roe to Europe goes to “The Warrior Pope,” Julius II through royal ceremonies in the 15th Century. Indisputably, caviar is the finest and most luxurious of cuisines.

The Rarest Caviar in the World

Among the rarest of Beluga caviars of the world, one stands alone as most prized: Almas.  This is actually the Russian word for diamond. These yellowish white pearls of the centenarian Acipenser ruthenus sturgeon species have a bold, complex nutty flavor and rich, creamy texture. Senses delight and classically subtle flavors of the sea emerge when the eggs crush against the roof of the mouth. While best eaten cold without need for an accompaniment, many enjoy caviar as an extravagant spread while sipping superb French champagne. Though a variety of roe hues are available, the light egg shades are fish produce deliver an extremely rich flavor. Almas, the palest of varieties, is the most expensive and sought-after, and comes from sturgeon over 100 years old.

How to Buy Your Own

Due to the limited production of this exquisite Iranian caviar, Caviar House and Prunier in London is the exclusive distributor of Almas. One kilo, or 2.2 pounds, can be yours for a modest $25,000 complete with an opulent 24k gold tin. Miniature versions of this delight can be yours for a mere $800. Should you be fortunate enough to experience the truly gourmet experience that is Almas, you should consider yourself at the height of luxury.

Be sure to pair your caviar with a fine wine and enjoy a delectable treat.  Have you enjoyed the most expensive caviar in the world?  We would love to hear of your experience in the comment section below!

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The World's Most Expensive Caviar