.Luxury Spotlight: Gallotti

This week, we are shining our .luxury spotlight on Italian website, Gallotti.luxury.  Gallotti is a luxury fashion brand that pursues a superior value for clients who are looking for something unique, distinctive, and really made in Italy. We wanted to examine this luxury outerwear brand’s experience entering the online market with a .luxury domain name.

.luxury: What made you select a .LUXURY site? 

We chose a .luxury because we wanted to raise awareness among visitors to our site, starting from the domain name, [of] the value of our brand and our product.

.luxury: If someone was not familiar with your brand, please describe what your business entails. Who are your customers?

GALLOTTI produces coats and jackets — both leather and technical fabrics. The entire production process takes place in Italy with the highest quality control and quality standards at our headquarters in Montelupo Fiorentino.




Part of being a successful luxury brand is having a passion for your work.  The Gallotti family has passed that dedication on from generation to generation.

.luxury: How long have you been in business? What made you decide to start this company?

The company was founded by the two brothers Francis and Orlando in 1965 as soon as they came back from a long stay in South America. Driven by their experience and talent in tailoring, and full of initiative, they grappled with the establishment of their own business in the leather industry. In the 90s the two sons Giovanni and Pasquale became part of the firms, bringing new ideas within the business. Today Gallotti, recognized as one of the few companies that still manufactures everything in Italy, renewed his effort to be innovative and to convey to their clients a sensational mix of passion, love for the detail, and handicraft. In 2008, a new company, named P & G Ltd, was formed by the younger Gallotti, who acquired GALLOTTI the brand.

.luxury: Where is your business located?

Our headquarters… [are] located near the city of Florence in Montelupo Fiorentino, a city well known for the finest and most gorgeous leather processing.




More and more decades-old brands are adding online commerce to their arsenals.  Gallotti has been an international brand for over 50 years, but they have now added an online boutique, by way of their .luxury site.

.luxury: How has having has a .LUXURY site elevated your brand? 

The .luxury has certainly contributed to strengthening the image of our brand [which] for over 50 years has operated in Italy and worldwide. Recently, we have also chosen to embark on this new path of the e-commerce market.

.luxury: Would you recommend a .LUXURY domain name to others? 

Definitely, choosing a .luxury domain allowed us to define the best in the online market, in line with… the characteristics of our product.

If your brand is ready to enter the world of e-commerce, do so with the added benefits of a .luxury domain name.  Join the future of luxury online today!

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.Luxury Spotlight: Gallotti