6 Household Robots Your Home Needs Today

Technology has made our lives easier in many different ways.  The introduction of robots to take on tedious household chores is welcome by many.  Here are six household robots that your home needs today.

Neato Botvac


6 Household Robots Your Home Needs Today
Image via Neato Robotics


Vaccuums are the earliest entries in the household robots market, and possibly the most popular item in the industry.  Current models are not as reliant on humans as the first robotic vacuums.  The Neato Botvac offers several models in a wide range of prices and also offers excellent pickup power.  It has a low profile that enables it to slip under couches and other furniture pieces.  When the battery is low, the Botvac will return to its charging station so you do not have to worry about finding it without a charge.



6 Household Robots Your Home Needs Today
Image via Grillbot


Grilling is fun, but cleaning up the grill after a wonderful meal is not a chore that anyone looks forward to.  Imagine just pushing a button and being done with this tedious task.  According to the Grillbot website, here are six reasons why their product makes grill cleaning easier: push button operation, replaceable wire brushes, rechargeable battery, three strong electronic motors, LCD alarm and a timer, and a smart brain.  A technologically advanced CPU chip controls the speed, direction, and movement of the bristles.

Litter Robot


6 Household Robots Your Home Needs Today
Image via Litter Robot


Here is another pesky chore that you will be thrilled to turn over to a robot:  cleaning the cat’s litter box. This automatic, self cleaning cat litter box separates waste from clean litter, ensuring that you never have to clean the litter box again! The latest model, Litter-Robot III Open Air with connect is so technologically advanced that you can monitor and control your Litter-Robot wherever you are, even if you are not at home.  The latest update allows you to view the waste drawer level, get status updates in real time, monitor your cat’s usage of the box, and manage the Litter-Robot’s settings remotely.

iRobot Mirra Pool Cleaning Robot


6 Household Robots Your Home Needs Today
Image via iRobot


This revolutionary home robot company made it easier for homeowners to vacuum and mop their floors.  Now iRobot is taking the work out of cleaning a pool.  Spend more time relaxing and enjoying your pool, and less time cleaning it with iRobot’s Mirra pool cleaning robot.  No installation, hoses, or booster pumps are needed with this robot.  It could not possible be easier:  just drop it in and let it work.



6 Household Robots Your Home Needs Today
Image via Robomow


Take the hassle out of lawn work with a robotic lawnmower.  Robomow uses a perimeter wire (similar to an electric dog fence) to detect the area it must stay in.  The mower can run for 1 hour per charge.  Available in a variety of sizes and models to suit different size yards, the Robomow meets all safety standards for robotic lawn mowers and comes equipped with a variety of safety features.  It also has an anti-theft system which will activate an alarm if the device leaves the designated area.

Kuri Robot


6 Household Robots Your Home Needs Today
Image via Hey Kuri


You may not need this robot, but you will want one after you see how cute and helpful it is.  Kuri Robot is engineered to interact with members of your family through facial recognition and pet detection software.  It can recognize voice commands and play a podcast, music, or read a story upon command.  Kuri can also be your eyes away from home, working remotely as a camera.

So, do you own any of these household robots?  How do you like it?  For more information about the latest technology for your home, visit this post about the most innovative tech products for the home.

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6 Household Robots Your Home Needs Today