The 6 Most Innovative Tech Products for the Home

Technology has changed so much of the way we live our lives.  From fitness activities to cars to our offices, technology has made it easier for us to be more efficient and productive every day. You can even take these developments home with you, as many new products on the market in the last decade have proven.  Some are well known and are top sellers, while others are newer and not as well known but may become standard in home design in the future.  Here are the six most innovative tech products for the home.

Movable Floors



Imagine a swimming pool that doubles as a dance floor. Hydrofloors is an innovative system that can transform your swimming pool into a wading pool or a hard surface, with the push of a button. You do not have to sacrifice space if you own a pool anymore.  Each project is custom designed and custom fit to meet your specifications.

Home Energy Monitors


The 6 Most Innovative Tech Products for the Home
Image vie Neurio


Whether you want to reduce your electric bill or help the environment or both, home energy monitors help take the guesswork out of understanding your energy bill.  Home energy monitors connect to your electric meter and provide detailed information about energy usage in your home.  You can pinpoint where the most energy is being used so you can make adjustments as needed.  Home energy monitors range in price from $140-399 based on make and specifications.  Some of the more popular home energy monitor brands are Neurio, Sense, and CURB Energy.

Virtual Assistant Devices


The 6 Most Innovative Tech Products for the Home
Image via Google Home


Smart home devices are voice controlled hubs for your home.  Amazon Echo and Google Home are two of the most widely known virtual assistant device systems.  Home owners can use these systems to remotely control features in their home.  You can be anywhere in the world and access your home security system, check the thermostat, or access cameras to monitor your home.  While at home you can turn on music, set an alarm, make a phone call, or access the news by simply using your voice.

Smart Thermostat


The 6 Most Innovative Tech Products for the Home
Image via Nest


If you want to make sure your home is always the perfect temperature, a smart thermometer is a wise investment.  Some of the more “intelligent” models can learn your routine and know whether you are home or not to adjust temperature settings almost instinctively.  Most smart thermostats offer complex scheduling options, voice recognition, humidity sensors, and remote access.  You can use an app to monitor and adjust the settings of your thermostat when you are away from home. Some brands to consider when researching smart thermostat options are Nest, Ecobee, and Honeywell.

Wireless Speaker System


The 6 Most Innovative Tech Products for the Home
Image via Sonos


Enjoy your favorite music in any room of your home, or listen to your favorite podcast or news reports while you go about your daily business. Wireless speaker systems provide excellent audio and acoustics both in and outside your home.  Some wireless speaker systems use WiFi to deliver sound, while others use Bluetooth.  There are pros and cons to each delivery system, but many prefer WiFi.  You can use a subscription service, an app, or your own music system to deliver quality sound anywhere in your home. Sonos, Bose, and Sony are some of the brands to check out when considering a wireless speaker system for your home.

Ultra HD Television


The 6 Most Innovative Tech Products for the Home
Image via Samsung


Also known as 4K TVs, Ultra HD screens offer a higher resolution than HD Screens. Ultra HD televisions have over four times as many pixels as current and older HDTVs, which greatly enhances the quality of the picture. The Samsung 4K television has a curved screen that enhances the view of the screen from any angle in the room and minimizes the glare from windows and lights in the room.

Do you have any of these smart devices in your home yet?  Any products you would add to our list?

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The 6 Most Innovative Tech Products for the Home