Design Trends To Embrace for 2019

As shorter days and longer nights give way to (slightly) warmer weather and more hours of sunshine, we start to feel more enthusiastic about reviving our homes with a new look for the new year. Whether you’re motivated to tackle a Marie Kondo-level purge and organization from the floor up, or only energetic enough to swap out your houseplants, here are key design trends to embrace for 2019 — and a few to avoid — that will help your four walls kiss last year goodbye.

(1) IN: Painted walls in fresh, springtime colors.


Spring yellow painted walls in a living room and more design trends for 2019.
Photo courtesy of Ted Thornton


For the last few years, it seems like anyone and everyone has doused their home with a heavy dose of grey. Yes, grey, a timeless neutral, will always have its place and when carefully used, contributes elegance and a tone of restraint to an interior. But just a simple glance at Pinterest evidences that the grey trend, if not fully overdone, has at a minimum saturated the interior design market. Instead of following the herd and ending up with a “whose house is this anyway?” room, consider rolling up your sleeves and coating your living room walls in jonquil yellow, celery green, or cantaloupe orange. Neutral furnishings in white, black, beige and yes grey will stand out against Matisse colors, which harmonize with nature and give the sense of bringing the outdoors in.

(2) OUT: Blue Kitchen Cabinets.


Muted neutral painted cabinets and more 2019 design trends for your home.
Photo courtesy of Ted Thornton


In the last few years, there has been a tsunami-level surge of kitchens featuring white countertops, white farmhouse sinks, and painted lower cabinets or islands in every shade of blue known to man. Hint: If you’re seeing kitchens like this on Zillow, the trend has officially come and gone. As with grey, there is always room for a little blue-and-white in every home, but it’s time to step away from the swarming masses and retreat into something warmer and more personal. In 2019 we predict a return to darker or more colorful countertops (it’s so hard to beat the durability of granite, which comes in a seemingly endless array of colors) and green and red are poised for a comeback as accents.

(3) IN: Vibrant Florals.


Floral design trends for 2019
Photo courtesy of Ted Thornton


Yes, we get it — just the mention of the word “floral” conjures up memories of your childhood and fey 1980s Laura Ashley prints. But this ain’t your momma’s pansies we’re talking about it here. Floral prints have been a decorating stalwart for eons, and who can argue with the beauty of a fresh bouquet of flowers? Selecting a floral print in a vivid colorway puts a slightly modern spin on things, and if you’re flower shy, try introducing the pattern in small, discrete ways, such as with a pillow, a picture, or a single accent chair.

(4) IN: Sustainability.


Green dresser with purple chair and large scale art.
Photo courtesy of Ted Thornton


Today we are all (thankfully) looking for ways to reduce our impact on our planet’s resources. Consumers are exploring new ways to recycle and reuse existing pieces to cabin waste — we all have a sofa or a chair that can be reupholstered, or a dining table or nightstand that can be painted or refinished. By reusing what we already have in creative ways, we not only cut down on the packaging that would inevitably make its way to the landfill heap, but we also have an opportunity to engage with local, small businesses who are experts at refurbishing. Win/win!

(5) OUT: Overnight Design.


Large scale floral pillow on a grey bed as part of an article on design trends for 2019.
Photo courtesy of Ted Thornton


While free shipping and 24-hour delivery might be good for some things (like diapers and beer), it’s unrealistic to assume that you can craft a thoughtful, rich, and personal interior online and overnight. This hint is more about getting rid of “old thinking” and appreciating that the beauty of the design is in the details, and about remembering that Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes time, editing, and careful planning to achieve a look that not only reflects you, your personality, and your lifestyle but that also combines all those things with comfort and beauty. So give yourself a break and save the Amazon shopping for the things it was meant for — books and toilet paper. Go out, visit a museum, hold fabrics in your hand, look at paint samples in the store, and actually sit on a sofa before you “click to purchase.” You’ll have a more personal connection to the things you own and the space you inhabit. And don’t forget that disposable is for Kleenex. Buy the best you can afford, whatever your budget and the things you acquire will have lasting value and meaning.

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Design Trends To Embrace for 2019