Feng Shui Wealth Secrets that Business Moguls Use

It is no secret that doing business in Asian markets requires adapting to their customs. Many famous businesses have made these consdierations in order to get important deals through. Famous mogul Steve Wynn, utilizes Classical Feng Shui practices in his work projects and home.

Richard Branson, of the Virgin Empire, is also an advocate of Feng Shui, along with Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates, the Microsoft creator. These uber powerful business magnets have come along way from their days at the bottom. With a little help from hard work, destiny, good business acumen and Feng Shui, the rest is history.

Businesses like Walt Disney, Wells Fargo, Chase Bank, Coca Cola, Motorola, Nike and more utilize Classical Feng Shui. These businesses are multi-national and in order to develop a presence in Asia, they had to adopt the customs and traditions, one being Classical Feng Shui. Because they received a good result, they incorporated these principles in America too.

Special Wealth Charts


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Every home or business has a Flying Stars chart, which is like an astrological chart of the home or business and is dependent on the facing direction of the building and when the occupants moved in. This chart contains pertinent information about everything and anything that a person(s) will experience while residing in the home or working in an office in regards to money, health and relationships. It will determine if finances will be good, bad or neutral. It determines if people will marry, divorce, have affairs and so forth and finally determines if the occupants will have health woes or good health.

Depending on the facing direction of the building or structure and when the owners moved in, there are special energy charts that when properly activated can bring a lot of money luck to the residents. These charts need the presence of real water like an ocean, lake, pond, water fountain, pool and so forth or simulated water like a road in the front or back of the property depending on the chart to activate these special wealth charts. Also these charts reaquire the presence of real or simulated mountains like a building, landscape mounds, boulders and so forth in the front or back, depending on the facing direction of the building. The location will be different for every property. It is important to consult a Feng Shui professional when utilizing these special charts to ensure proper placement of water and mountain.

Precious and Jewel Lines

There are special degrees that are called Precious and Jewel Lines that bring a lot of good luck to residents of homes or businesses. There are 48 different degrees that are extremely lucky and when you set the foundation of a building, doors, stoves, elevators, desks, beds and so forth to these special degrees they are known to bring precious and beautiful things to residents of these buildings like jewels, money, and good fortune. For example Southwest at 213.5 degrees is a Precious Jewel Line.

Disney sets the foundations of their buildings to these special degrees along with elevators and doors that are heavily used.

Wealth Formulas


Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas


There are special Classical Feng Shui wealth formulas that can be used on various properties. There are three things that are needed for this formula to work: a mountain (real or simulated with landscape boulders or a landscape mound), a water feature (pool, ocean, lake, pond, water fountain, etc.) and an exterior door that faces the direction which correlates with the formula. Whether the formula can be utilized will be dependent on the exact facing degree of an exterior door to the building or home, the direction or location of a simulated mountain and a water feature in a specific location or if you’re lucky enough to have the ocean or a lake located in the proper spot. These formulas force the chi or energy to flow in such a benevolent way that it brings a lot of money luck to the residents of these properties. Steve Wynn has incorporated this method in the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas.

Classical Feng Shui has and will continue to positively impact the lives of individuals around the world. Because of this, Feng Shui has gained a lot of notoriety and popularity. It is important to realize that not all Feng Shui is created equally and that only skilled professionals can create wealth formulas. In order to change the lives of individuals with Feng Shui, it has to be done in a powerful way.

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Feng Shui Wealth Secrets that Business Moguls Use