Luxury Duvet Sets for Your Bedroom

Duvet is to duvet cover as pillow is to pillowcase.  Slip one off and slide a new one on to give a bedroom an all new look quickly and easily without having to redecorate the entire room.  A duvet cover is a sheet-like layer that slips over the duvet and has a closure.  Duvet sets offer more flexibility in their look, in addition to easier cleaning. Many homeowners opt to have one duvet with multiple covers that can be switched as the seasons change.  The duvet covers may also be switched when the user decides on a new style for their bedroom decor.

Duvet covers are useful because they protect your duvet comforter during use and are easily removed and easy to wash. The duvet should fit snugly inside the duvet cover.  High quality duvet sets offer a better fit as well as excellent pattern, textile, and color options.  Here are some of our selections for the best luxury duvet sets for your bedroom.

Barclay Butera Hudson Bedding


Luxury Duvet Sets for Your Bedroom
Photo Courtesy of Horchow


This embroidered duvet cover offers a fresh take on paisley and retails for $3313.  Notably, it has ties inside all four corners for easy insert attachment.  Made of a cotton/polyester blend, the king size duvet measures 114″ x 98″.

Designer Barclay Butera’s style grounds itself in European, American, and Eastern influences with a contemporary twist. Every Barclay Butera piece is handmade, hand upholstered, and hand finished. “When you strip a product down, you find the integrity of the product,” states Butera. “I sell long-lasting pieces, ones you can be proud to own.” Barclay Butera is also proud to recycle all leftover fabric materials.

AERIN King Duvet Cover with Scallop Trim


Luxury Duvet Sets for Your Bedroom
Photo Courtesy of Horchow


This stunning piece of luxury bedroom linen decor is priced at $2,000.00.  The high quality 500-thread-count white cotton percale features appliqued scallop trim.  The Aerin duvet cover is beautifully made in Italy.  The king size duvet cover is 113″ x 93″.  The simple elegance of this piece brings a relaxed and refined feel to the bedroom.

Sweet Dreams Verona King Damask Chenille Duvet Cover


Luxury Duvet Sets For Your Bedroom
Photo Courtesy of Neimann Marcus


This European-woven damask chenille is made of a viscose/cotton/polyester blend on the  front; and a  cotton/polyester blend on the back.  It features a tri-color cord trim as well as a zip closure. Measuring 106″ x 96″, this duvet set is made in the USA of imported fabrics.  It is priced at $1,775. Recognized as an innovator in heirloom-quality home textiles, Sweet Dreams (with over 25 years of business experience) creates collections of true elegance and beauty using American craftsmanship and choice fabrics from around the world.

Gallagher Ensemble 7 Piece California King Duvet Set


Luxury Duvet Sets For Your Bedroom
Photo Courtesy of Wayfair


This stunning duvet set is designed and manufactured by Eastern Accents and sells for $2,287.50.  This stunning set offers muted earth tones in a modern design style.  Leaves, branches, and blooms contrast with clean lines to create a soothing bedroom duvet ensemble.

Italian Greek Key Embroidered Bedding


Luxury Duvet Sets For Your Bedroom
Photo Courtesy of William Sonoma


This elegant bedding gets it classical style from the bold, clean lines of a Greek key motif. The distinguished design edges the cases and flat sheet, as well as framing the duvet cover and shams.  Both of the latter two have flanged envelope closures.  The fabric has been loomed in Italy from long staple cotton, and is 100% 300-thread-count cotton percale.  The king sized duvet cover costs $389.

Snowdon Duvet


Luxury Duvet Sets For Your Bedroom
Photo Courtesy of Sferra


Stay warm and cozy on very cold nights thanks to the premium level of down plumes featured in this duvet cover.  Snowdon duvets are made with the highest fill-power down available.  This high quality duvet set, which also offers the plumpest, softest pillows possible, retails for $4,910.

Firenze Delphinium Duvet Cover


Luxury Duvet Sets For Your Bedroom
Photo courtesy of Annie Selke


Inspired by Italian artistry, this jacquard duvet cover features an intricate medallion print in two subdued shades of blue. Made entirely of 100% Egyptian cotton, the Firenze duvet cover features a unique, authentic fabrication that is crafted by artisans committed to fair-labor practices.  The king sized duvet cover can be purchased for $795.

Sferra Giza 45 Trina Duvet Cover


Luxury Duvet Sets For Your Bedroom
Photo Courtesy of Sferra


Woven from the finest Egyptian cotton known, the Sferra Giza 45 Trina Duvet Cover is highlighted by a delicate, refined lace.  This old-world inspired linen is made by Italian artisans who transform it into a modern day luxury.  Made of 100% cotton, the finish is smooth and silken to the touch.  This duvet cover is priced at $1,899.00 – $2,100.00.

Are you ready to update your bedroom or guest room with a luxurious new duvet cover yet?  We hope we have enticed you with our top picks for luxury duvet sets.  So, tell us, which would you choose for your space?

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