Minimalist Luxury: 5 Iconic Furniture Designers

Minimalism it is about achieving better design through simplicity. It is about getting the greatest impact through careful editing and restraint.  The spaces are serene and uncluttered, but not cold and sterile.  A few iconic furniture designers have embraced this philosophy with their design.

A.G. Fronzoni


Minimalist Luxury: Iconic Furniture Designers


A.G. Fronzoni believed that “we strongly need to avoid waste and excess.”  He carried this idea though with his interior design.  In 1964, he designed a collection of square or rectangular tables with a square metal tube base and a wooden top.  They are still a staple in modern design.

Peter Wigglesworth



Wigglesworth is an artist who has always pursued an active role in design and has designed furniture from the age of 15.  His furniture designs work well in most homes and reflect the minimalist style.

Ronald Knol


Minimalist Luxury: Iconic Furniture Designers


Ronald combines a minimalist sensibility with world architectural influences to create timeless furniture. By emphasizing function over form, he creates pieces that are balanced, charismatic and functional.  His work sells at RKNL furniture design with many pieces that would work well in a luxury home.

Vincent van Duysen


Minimalist Luxury: Iconic Furniture Designers


Vincent van Duysen is an architect and an interior designer with a furniture collection that is renowned.  He has been inspired by the simplicity of life from traveling all over the world to places where people live with primary forms and habitats.

Luke Wong


Minimalist Luxury: Iconic Furniture Designers


Luke Wong worked as an intern for the Chicago-based furniture design firm, Niedermaier. While at Niedermaier, Luke was able to fully explore many aspects of design including furniture, display, interior design, and graphics.  He established Hao Wai Ltd in 2005 and currently has an amazing collection of minimalist furniture.

These 5 iconic furniture designers all reflect minimalist luxury in their designs.  If you feel that less is more, minimalist design may be for you.  Luxury furniture can reflect a modern and minimalist style.  Do you have any other favorite furniture designers that reflect this style?

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Minimalist Luxury: 5 Iconic Furniture Designers