Most Expensive Luxury Homes Ever Sold

There is no shortage of enviable real estate in the United States.  This list includes of some of the most expensive luxury homes ever sold as well as some that are currently for sale, in case you’re in the market.

La Leopolda, Villefranche-sur-Mer, France


Most Expensive Luxury Homes Ever Sold
Photo: Flickr/Pierre Omidyar


Valued at nearly $750 million in 2008, La Leopolda was designed by architect Ogden Codman, Jr., and opened in 1931. With its 11 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, commercial greenhouse, outdoor kitchen, pool, and helipad, it is a jewel of French real estate. You may recognize this property from “The Red Shoes” as well as Alfred Hitchcock’s “To Catch a Thief”. La Leopolda last sold in 2008 for just over $435 million.

Bel-Air Spec House, Los Angeles, California


Most Expensive Luxury Homes Ever Sold
Photo: BAM Luxury Development/


Luxury real estate developer Bruce Makowsky has built a career based on his knowledge and acumen in Los Angeles’ market for high-end contemporary homes and his Bel-Air Spec House is no exception. While it’s still on the market for $250 million, it’s sure to fetch a staggering sum when it sells. Makowsky caters to a clientele with deep pockets who desire a polished, amenity-filled home full of the best in designer goods.

Lucaya, Lyford Cay, Nassau and Paradise Island, Bahamas


Most Expensive Luxury Homes Ever Sold
Photo: Sotheby’s International Realty


Looking for a vacation getaway? How about an estate in the Bahamas with 335 feet of private – yes, private – beach. At nearly 20,000 square feet, Lucaya is a tropical dream as well as the perfect setting for entertaining guests with its seven bedrooms and eight full bathrooms. It also has two separate one bedroom guest apartments over a four-car garage. It’s been awhile since this multimillion dollar property sold, but it’s up for sale now, you can make this your vacation home for $29 million! You’ll just need to contact Sotheby’s.

Antilia, Mumbai, India


Most Expensive Luxury Homes Ever Sold
Photo: Flickr/The Mitzikin Revolution


The most extravagant home in the world, Antilia, in Mumbai, India, takes it name from the lost city of Atlantis and is named after the mythic island Antillia. This 27-story, single family home built for a family of six and a staff of 600, contains six floors of parking for 168 cars, nine elevators, as well as a large ballroom complete with its own bar, green rooms, powder rooms and even an “entourage room” in which guests’ security guards and assistants can relax.

Guests stay in their own private suites and the home also contains multiple swimming pools, a small theater, health spa, and yoga studio, an ice room filled with man-made snow, a room on the top floor for unwinding, as well as three helipads complete with an air traffic control facility. The $1 billion property is by Chicago-based architects Perkins and Will and is steeped in controversy as it is in the most poverty-stricken area of India.

So are you searching for your luxury property? You’ll want to read our story about The Best Cities to Invest in Luxury Real Estate, but in the meantime, do you have a favorite from our list?

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Most Expensive Luxury Homes Ever Sold