The 3 Most Coveted Products from Stockholm Design Week

Stockholm Design Week is the premiere event for lovers of luxury Scandinavian design.  The week-long show features panels, exhibitions and more, all centered on modern Scandi design.  You can expect to see the very best in the year’s designs at the show.  These are just three of the most coveted products from Stockholm Design Week this year.

Erik Jorgensen – EJ 220


three of the most coveted products from Stockholm Design Week
Photo courtesy of Erik Jorgensen


EJ 220 is one of the foundations of Erik Jørgensen’s range and has formed a school with its low box, narrow armrest and careless appearance. The idea behind it was to create a sofa that both has high seating comfort and is aesthetically easy to relate to. The sofa is available both with and without large buttons in the row cushions.


The EJ 220 is not a new design.  Erik Jorgensen created this classic Scandinavian couch in 1970.  For nearly 50 years, it has been one of the most popular Scandi sofas in the world.  The pieces’s low boxy frame and narrow armrests are now seen as iconic elements in Scandinavian design.  This couch is the perfect addition to your home, providing plenty of seating and clean, modern design.

Use the store locator on the Erik Jorgensen website to find a local store that carries this beautiful sofa.

Fritz Hansen – Pot Chair


three of the most coveted products from Stockholm Design Week
Photo courtesy of Fritz Hansen


In 1959 Arne Jacobsen created Gryden™ – in English meaning the Pot™ – a light take on an embracing lounge chair and originally designed for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. The shape is the same as the original design from 1959 – the seat and materials have been improved to meet today’s standards for comfort and durability. The Pot comes in an endless variety of fabrics and leathers. It is small yet embracing, it is modern yet timeless and it is an Arne Jacobsen original.


Design brand Fritz Hansen is re-releasing a classic Scandinavian design this year.  Designer Arne Jacobsen designed the Pot Chair for a luxe hotel in Copenhagen almost 60 years ago.  Fritz Hansen has updated this classic lounge chair with improved materials to make it more comfortable and more durable.  We think these chairs would look marvelous in a modern home library or lounge.

The newly relaunched chair will be available in stores in May 2018.  Use their store locator to find a dealer in your area.

Jin Kuarmoto – JIN


three of the most coveted products from Stockholm Design Week
Photo courtesy of Jin Kuramoto Studio


The unique structure of the “ JIN ” chair was realized by using flax fiber, a biological material that if successfully industrialized, can make furniture both extremely light weight and high performing. The body of Jin is defined by shaping thin layers of flax fibers on top of each other, forming a strong shell around a core of air, making the surface the actual structure of the chair. This chair is what OFFECCT Lab and their “ Lifecircle ” philosophy is all about: engineers and designers working closely together to explore new and sustainable horizon of the furniture industry.


The most impressive new design offered at Stockholm Design Week was the JIN chair.  This innovative design prioritizes sustainability, but still manages to be awfully attractive too. Karamoto designed the chair from 100% biodegradable materials, mostly layered flax fibers, for a truly eco-friendly piece of furniture.  The innovative chair won the award for Best Product at the show, ensuring that it will be a desirable piece in the coming years.  It is not yet clear when the chair will be available for purchase.

If you would like to see even more from Stockholm Design Week we have highlighted a few more of our favorite designers.  Did you make it to Stockholm Design Week this year?  We would love to hear about your experience!

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The 3 Most Coveted Products from Stockholm Design Week