The 6 Most Coveted Products from Salone del Mobile

In April of every year, the city of Milan takes center stage in the design world for Salone del Mobile. This high end, designer driven fair brings in hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world.  Many feel that Salone del Mobile is the most important event in the design industry. The collections and concepts presented at the the fair have a heavily influence on trends throughout the year.  Here are a few of our most coveted products from the 57th year of Salone del Mobile.

Sicily is My Love line from Dolce & Gabbana and SMEG


Salone del Mobile Sicily is My Love line from Dolce & Gabbana and SMEG
Photo courtesy of SMEG


Pattern on pattern design and bold colors were abundant at the 2018 Salone Del Mobile.  One of the most eye catching displays of bold patterns came from the collaboration of appliance manufacturer SMEG with iconic design house Dolce & Gabbana.  The duo has a stunning kitchen line called Sicily is My Love, which invokes the hand painted citrus fruits and bright red cherries that are typical of native Sicilian decor.  Ranges, refrigerators, and small appliances like toasters have never looked this stylish.

Vases Made from Recycled Pipes


Kodai Iwamoto Design recycled pipe vases Salone del Mobile 2018
Photo courtesy of Kodai Iwamoto Design

Japanese designer Kodai Iwamoto creates stunning hand-blown flower vases from plastic pipes. The artist explains that, “Plastic pipes, basically used for distributing water, are easily available at local DIY stores. By applying air pressure into a closed pipe, which was slowly warmed by a heater to make it soft, my flower vase was born. As with glass blowing, many factors such as the shape of the mould, air-pressure and the speed of heating the pipe’s surface, affect the shape of an object.”

PACK by Francesco Binfare for EDRA


Salone del Mobile EDRA
Photo courtesy of EDRA


Edra’s giant pillow topped velvet sofa looks like a snow covered mountain, but this luxurious seat is available in other colors as well. The brand describes this innovative seating solution as “An exciting domestic landscape. A large sofa. The seat evokes an icepack covered with a fabric specifically created with texture similar to its various layers. The back is a big bear lying on his side, covered by ecological fur and ballasted inside, with non-slip leather bottom.”

The Miele Dialog Oven


Salone del Mobile Miele
Photo courtesy of Miele


Create sophisticated gourmet meals easily at home with the revolutionary Miele Dialog Oven.  This possibly the most talked about appliance innovation at the show.  According the brand’s website, “the Dialog oven opens up exciting possibilities in the realm of cooking. Its revolutionary technology enables the creation of completely new and innovative dishes. Cooking a fish in ice or veal tenderloin in beeswax without melting ice or wax, separating browning from baking, preparing different dishes and ingredients simultaneously, perfectly serving sophisticated dishes – always at the highest level.”

Cocoon Chair by Campana Brothers with Louis Vuitton


Salone 2018 Cocoon Chair by Campana Brothers with Louis Vuitton
Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton


The Objets Nomades collection from Louis Vuitton showcased in its entirety at Palazzo Bocconi in Milan. The exclusive preview of the very first Louis Vuitton Les Petits Nomades collection happened at Salone del Mobile 2018. This elegant and creative line of decor objects are the creations of top of the line designers.  The brand explains that “the limited-edition Objets Nomades collection pays homage to the special-order that are the heritage of the House”. The stylish cocoon chair displayed in two of the most popular colors at Salone this year:  millennial pink and the beautiful blue pictured above.

Taliesin Armchair by Frank Lloyd Wright for Cassina

This fantastic armchair is the work of Frank Lloyd Wright in 1949 for Taliesin West, his home studio in Arizona.  Today, the studio serves as headquarters for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.  The foundation collaborated with Cassina to bring this timeless piece back to life.  Like origami with wood, the sophisticated design has angled components and a geometrical structure that is both complex and stabilizing.  “Craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology meet in the skillful carpentry workmanship, while added comfort conferred by a more reclined backrest and  a thicker padding. This new version is also available as a limited edition in three colours, where the internal upholstery is in short hair leather, tinted in the same shade as the lacquered structure,” explains Cassina.

These six most coveted objects from Salone del Mobile are just a peek at what was at the event.  For more design inspiration, visit our article detailing what luxury design looks like at Index Dubai.

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The 6 Most Coveted Products from Salone del Mobile