A Look Ahead to TIFF: What to Expect at the Toronto International Film Festival

As a cultural institution that began more than 40 years ago, the Toronto International Film Festival is the world’s most important publicly attended film festival. From September 7 through September 17, guests can experience film screenings, panel discussions, musical performances and industry workshops. The festival also prides itself on remaining a respectful, diverse community featuring artists of all backgrounds. With so many things to see and do all week long, these are just a few of the events we’re looking forward to most.



toronto international film festival
Source: Toronto International Film Festival


One of the most highly anticipated events of the Toronto International Film Festival is the film premieres and screenings that take place throughout the week. “Azmaish: A Journey Through the Subcontinent” is just one of these popular screenings. Directed by Pakistani Sabiha Sumar and starring Indian actor Kalki Koechlin, the documentary travels between the two countries for a look at their relationship and conflicts.

“A Sort of Family” is yet another film making headlines for its honest look at a woman’s struggle to adopt a child. Director Diego Lerman gives the audience an inside look into the complicated and at times morally and legally ambiguous system of child adoption. Perhaps the most intriguing film this year is “(100ft)”, by South Korean director Minjung Kim. The film features just one single, uninterrupted shot of two figures traveling across a vast, empty landscape. “(100ft)” is her latest short in a series of others such as “Footage” and “Australian Paper”.



toronto international film festival
Source: Toronto International Film Festival


Whether you’re a fan of music performances, discussion panels or just want to see a world premiere film screening, the Toronto International Film Festival has it all. One of these most highly anticipated premieres is Denzel Washington and Collin Firth’s “Roman J. Israel, Esq.” with director Dan Gilroy. World-famous actors Dame Helen Mirren, Angelina Jolie and Javier Bardem will also be participating in intimate onstage discussions about their careers. Musicians such as Kayla Diamond and Liam Russell will be accompanied by screenings of classics like “Mean Girls” and “Wayne’s World”. As a special part of Canada On Screen, the festival will also feature music videos from the moving-image works category that honors Canada’s history of film in its very own “The Art of the Music Video” event. For a full schedule of all events happening this year, you can view their calendar HERE.



toronto international film festival
Source: Toronto International Film Festival


Kicking off this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, the celebratory cocktail party “Soiree” takes place on a scenic rooftop featuring live music, food and drinks, and celebrity guests. The annual fundraiser takes place on September 6 with proceeds going toward Share Her Journey, a campaign focused on increasing skills and also opportunities for women in the film industry. This year’s guest of honor is actress, producer and activist Priyanka Chopra with an exclusive discussion about her career and philanthropy. Other A-list parties include the AMBI Gala, Producers Ball and exclusive parties. Past attendees such as Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Heidi Klum and Leonardo DiCaprio are suspected to return this year as well.

This year’s Toronto International Film Festival will include 255 full-length films with 147 being world premieres. Along with 84 short films and countless events, it’s no wonder the festival continues to grow each year. In addition to raising money for global charities, this year will also include a “Women in Film Category” to feature some of the industry’s upcoming female artists. So will you be traveling to Toronto for the festival? Accessorize your look with these 5 iconic jewelry designers and arrive in style.

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