Four Famous Wedding Venues to Consider for Your Own

Choosing the perfect venue for your wedding can sometimes be as important as choosing the perfect person to marry. You need it to reflect your personalities and you need it to be memorable. Why not opt for a wedding venue that’s so lovely it’s achieved its own level of fame?

The Paramour Estate


Four Famous Wedding Venues to Consider for Your Own
Photo courtesy of The Paramour Estate


Nothing says glamour like the legendary estate that was “built in the golden age of Hollywood to be the private villa for matinee idol Antonio Moreno and his oil heiress wife, Daisy Canfield.” Painstakingly and beautifully restored over the past twenty years, The Paramour has everyone – including many celebrities – clamoring to host their guests for their own nuptials. Located in the Moreno Highlands over Silver Lake in Los Angeles, the four and a half acre property also features some of most lovely accommodations in the city.

The Ranch at Rock Creek


Four Famous Wedding Venues to Consider for Your Own
Photo courtesy of The Ranch at Rock Creek


Offering a unique luxury dude ranch experience and the world’s only Forbes five-star ranch, The Ranch at Rock Creek has come up in a few of our lists over the past couple years because it has so much to offer.  Yes that even includes being the epitome of style for a rustic chic wedding. Located in Philipsburg, Montana, The Ranch notes that their “29 one-of-a-kind accommodations, which can host up to 125 guests during our summer season, are thoughtfully woven into The Ranch’s landscape.” These accommodations range in size from one-bedroom suites to five-bedroom homes in several different styles: “Granite Lodge suites, a converted Historic Barn, Luxury Homes and Canvas Cabins for glamping.” Their staff will help you pull off an amazing wedding in their idyllic setting.  You can also see the highlights from Eva LaRue’s trip to this fabulous resort by clicking here.

Kensington Palace & Gardens


Four Famous Wedding Venues to Consider for Your Own


While you may not brush elbows with the Royal Family, you will be at the site of some of their weddings as well as the site of a few celebrity ones. It should go without saying that iconic Kensington Palace will wow your guests, it is a palace after all. Whether you opt for a stateroom or the lush gardens, the setting for your wedding will be over-the-top.


Still home to British royalty, its timeless elegance and storied past will charm and delight as you gather with family and friends to celebrate and mark this very special moment in your own lives.


The Plaza Hotel


Four Famous Wedding Venues to Consider for Your Own
Photo courtesy of The Plaza Hotel


From the movies to television specials and the print media to the internet, New York’s iconic Plaza Hotel is the wedding venue of dreams. As they note, “Exchange vows under the opulent canopy of The Plaza’s Grand Ballroom or in the timeless magnificence of The Terrace Room. These exceptional New York ballrooms will set the stage for an unforgettable experience.” And how! This hotel is a classic for a reason. Their impeccable attention to detail that keeps their property perfectly maintained is an ideal setting for a quintessential New York wedding. Their grand ballroom should likely have a more grand name with glamorous architecture dating back to 1921, it holds up to 600 guests.

While the world is full of lovely settings for weddings, these venues not only famous for a reason but they’re also some of our favorites. So, tell us, which of these famous wedding venues appeals to you most? If you opt for a famous setting, you’ll want to make sure the dress is befitting of your venue, see these wedding gowns of your favorite celebrities.

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Four Famous Wedding Venues to Consider for Your Own