.Luxury Gift Guide: The Technophile

This installment in our series of gift guides makes it easy to choose the perfect gadget for the tech-lover in your life who has impeccable taste.

Meet the Technophile

Far from the stereotypical profile of a “tech geek”, the modern tech collector is as interested in the streamlined aesthetics of the latest gadget as the strategic innovation behind it. It’s not just about the latest upgrade to computing, or Apple’s latest launch—in fact, some technophiles would argue novelty has replaced breakthroughs in some sectors. Instead, they focus on how their affection for travel, automotive, music, photography, etc. can be advanced by the very best technology.

Appeal to the technophile’s love of gadgets by investing in pieces with serious scientific thought behind them, so there’s no need to bow to the latest upgrade every six months.

I-1 Analog Instant Camera


Analog Instant Camera

When Polaroid made its big exit in 2008, Impossible not only bought the last factory, but also made some serious strides in instant camera development. The ring flash on the I-1 point and shoot instant camera diffuses the light to take fantastic on-the-spot portraits, and its companion app for iOS and Android devices adds access to a remote trigger, self-timer, noise trigger, double exposure, and light paint, as well as manual control of shutter speed and aperture. It also includes a photo scanner.

Tesla Model S


Tesla Model S

Is it a year for an especially extravagant gift? From adaptive lighting to an impossibly pure air filtration system, Tesla’s Model S is a happy marriage of modern automotive innovation and top-of-the-line safety features. Outfitted with an all-electric powertrain, the car zips from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds and also has autopilot capabilities for exceptionally safe highway driving. Top it all off with 14 three-position dynamic turning lights for unparalleled visibility on winding roads.

Vanhawks Valour


Vanhawks Valour Bike

A totally new breed of bike, the Vanhawks Valour combines data from your phone, bike, as well as other commuters to output ideal routes. Riders input their destination into the bike’s smartphone app and receive turn-by-turn directions via handlebar LED signals. Blind spot detection helps you avoid other traffic, and a bevy of measurement tools (gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer) track speed, acceleration, distance and even roughness of the ride in addition to the usual exercise metrics.

The Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock


Barisieur Coffee Maker Alarm

Waking up and smelling the coffee just got a whole lot easier. The Barisieur not only makes each wake up gentle and warm, but encourages a regular nighttime ritual, cueing the body to wind down at the optimal time. The artisanal coffee shop set up is crafted from bakelite and walnut, works for both coffee and tea, and features an a bespoke Peltier cooler for milk.

Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 18 Speaker


Bang & Olufsen BeaLab 18 Speaker

Craftsmanship, engineering, and acoustic excellence collide in Bang & Olufsen’s BeoLab 18 speaker. Beautifully crafted wood slats complement any decor, and the lens is accented with a soft green glow when the speaker is turned on. Its iconic shape alludes to loudspeakers of the past, but its acoustic performance is decidedly modern. The sound quality is so finely tuned, it can be adjusted and optimized based on the placement of the speakers in the room.

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Photos: Impossible-Project, Tesla, Vanhawks, Indiegogo, Bang & Olufsen

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.Luxury Gift Guide: The Technophile