.Luxury Spotlight: Cindy Ambuehl Lifestyle

As part of our continuing series to spotlight current dotLuxury websites, today we are featuring luxury real estate and lifestyle website, CindyAmbuehl.luxury.  Cindy combines hard work, business savvy, and a knowledge of luxury lifestyles to offer her clients the highest level of service. That forward thinking mindset led Cindy to be the first real estate agent in California to adopt a dotLuxury domain.  We sought her opinion on the domain and what it has meant for her brand.

dotLuxury:  What made you decide to launch Cindy Ambuehl at the dotLuxury domain? 


Cindy Ambuehl:  As a Realtor buying and selling luxury properties, my clients are looking for more than just a home. They are seeking an entire lifestyle. Luxury connotes quality and I want my website to better reflect that quality.  .com is the most recognized domain name extension today, but the Internet is quickly changing as a new wave of top level domains has entered the marketplace. So the choice is much more extensive now when selecting a domain name, and I think it’s wonderful to be able to uniquely compliment the luxury real estate niche with dotLuxury.
 Cindy Ambuehl dotLuxury Website
While there are obvious branding benefits to adding the .luxury domain to your website, Cindy also recognizes the applied benefits of including the word “luxury” in your site’s URL.

dotLuxury: How have you found the TLD to be working for your lifestyle site? 


Cindy Ambuehl: It reinforces my luxury brand, but from a practical standpoint, people are already using the word “luxury” when searching online.  To replace .com with .luxury just makes so much sense for my business.

dotLuxury:  What is your favorite part of being on this new and exciting world-wide-web platform?


Cindy Ambuehl:  Top level domain names are going to become more and more prevalent on the digital landscape and I am so pleased to have partnered with Join.Luxury in my efforts to better define a luxury lifestyle.





Cindy’s lifestyle website is decidedly luxurious, but she encourages her clients to create their own personal definition of luxury.  Do you wonder if a dotLuxury domain really applies to your brand?  Consider what Cindy says about luxury:


Much like beauty, luxury can be in the eye of the beholder. One person’s definition of luxury might be a 1,000 square foot closet, while for another, luxury might come in the form of 1,000 thread count sheets.  It depends on the individual, but most people can agree that a luxury is something special and out of the ordinary.


You already know that your brand is exceptional; now declare that uniqueness to the world with a dotLuxury domain!  Visit Join.Luxury and secure your domain name today.

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.Luxury Spotlight: Cindy Ambuehl Lifestyle