.Luxury Spotlight: Musk

More and more luxury brands are choosing the .luxury top level domain for their websites.  We will highlight these luxury influencers in this new .Luxury Spotlight series.  Today’s influencer comes to us from Boutique Musk — a luxury fabric boutique out of Marrakesh, Morocco.

Montse, Store Manager of Musk, explained to us why creating a luxury domain was so important for their boutique:


We want to be a reference in the luxury boutiques in Marrakesh.  We are the first boutique in Marrakesh able to offer the widest range of luxury fabrics with the best quality and extraordinary customer service. All our products are exclusive. We sell fabrics, design and fashion. Our fabrics are chosen by our fashion buyers and inspired by the latest trends. Our product is for a specific public. So we need this platform to get into contact with them. Thanks to this platform we hope receive more visits on our web site!


Photo courtesy of Musk


Obviously we are strong advocates for using a gTLD to identify your online business, but don’t just take our word for it.  Montse explained to us the benefits of using .luxury for the Musk online store.

luxury: How did Boutique Musk hear about the new gTLD .luxury?

Musk: We think that it is the future for business online. It is an easy way to find the correct address on the web. We see it like a map to arrive at the correct place.

.luxury: What made you decide to launch your luxury fabric store online at the .luxury domain?

Musk: Because we think that is a good way to appear in the social media. The customers can find us easily; they don’t feel lost in the middle of a jungle of information. They go directly to [what] they want. On the other hand, to be connected with other luxury brands will help us to get new customers and for new customers to find us.


Photo courtesy of Musk


The future of commerce is online, and owning an online boutique presents several unique challenges and opportunities.  Musk.luxury has jumped into the world of eCommerce, and their brand is benefiting from it every day.

.luxury: How have you found it to be working for your boutique luxury site?

Musk: It is very interesting because our website allows us to connect very well with the demand of our customers. We can meet and connect with them in different ways. We have to continue to learn the psychology, public relations, and online media behaviors [that] we now have as a .luxury platform. You can never stop learning.

.luxury: What is your favorite part of being on this new and exciting world-wide-web platform?

Musk: We are very excited with this new adventure. We are always trying to improve our awareness and the service we can provide our current customers, and [the] new customers we hope find us. We want to be part of this project that we are sure that will be the new frontier in the world of luxury business online.


Photo courtesy of Musk

.luxury: Thank you so much for sharing, and we are pleased to have you on .luxury!

Musk: We are pleased to be a part of [it] – Thank you, .luxury!

We so wish we could peruse Musk Boutique’s store in person, but visiting their website is the next best thing.  Visit Musk.luxury to browse through their gorgeous textiles and follow them on social media to stay up to date on all their latest news.

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.Luxury Spotlight:  Musk