This Year’s 10 Top Polo Players

The World Polo Tour is the international ranking tracker for top polo players all over the globe. The system was devised to meet the demand of players and club managers to create a circuit that reflects the best polo in the world. Players are ranked according to their performance throughout the year in the main international tournaments. Tournaments are categorized in one of four levels:  Challenger, Cup, Masters, and Grand Slam. The fifth level, Master Series, is only for professional polo players. Each tournament is assessed and categorized by taking several factors into consideration. The handicap of the tournament, the location, the organization, the number of teams entered, and the level of players participating all factor in. The lists of tournaments are reviewed annually to make adjustments as needed.

Players receive points for each tournament in which they compete. The rankings are updated frequently and posted on the World Polo Tour site. Points are accumulated during the calendar year. Prizes are awarded to the top player who earns the MVP distinction for that month. The overall best player of the year is also named and rewarded with a prize. Let’s take a look at the ten top polo players currently.


Top Polo Players 2018 Mens Division


Top Polo Players Men’s Division

10. Diego Tomas Cavanagh

Cavanagh is a professional polo player from Argentina. He currently has 670 points, which edges him into the top ten at the time of writing.

9. Bob Jornayvaz

Playing for the United States, Jornayvaz is in the top ten with 672 points.

8. Hilario Ulloa

Representing Argentina, Ulloa has 788 points.

7. Pablo Mac Donough

This Argentinian edged out his countrymen to rank in 7th place with 791 points.

6. Nicolas Pieres

Pieres is from Argentina and has 960 points. He joins his two siblings, Gonzalo and Facundo, in this top ten list.

5. Gonzalo Pieres Jr.

Another star from Argentina, Pieres Jr. ranks fifth with 960 points. Junior is the son of Gonzalo Pieres Senior, a veritable polo legend. The Pieres’ family polo dynasty is as strong as ever this year.

4. David Stirling Jr.

The sole representative of Uruguay on this top ten list has 1064 points currently.

3. Juan Martin Nero

This Argentinian breaks into the top three of our list with an impressive 1262 points.

2. Adolfo Cambiaso

The race to be the top male polo player is a close one, and Argentinian Adolfo Cambiaso is very close to taking the lead. He trails the top player by just 28 points. His 1572 points put him well ahead of the third place challenger and within reach of the top spot.

#1 Facundo Pieres

This Pieres has bested his brothers, also on the top ten list, to claim the top spot. The Argentinian polo star has kept his family’s legacy alive and ranks in first place currently with 1600 points. This year alone his distinctions include the Sotogrande Gold Cup High Goal, Sotogrande Silver Cup High Goal Final, Queens Cup, US Open Final, USPA Gold Cup, and the CV Whitney Cup.

While the top ten list for the men is dominated by Argentina, the top ten list for the women is slightly more international.

Top Polo Players Women’s Division

9. Tiva Gross

A native of the United Kingdom, Tiva Gross kicks off our list in a tie with 160 points currently.

9. Clara Cassino

The Argentinian professional is tied with Gross at the moment, as both have 160 points.

8. Candelaria Fernanadez Araujo

One of four Argentinians on the list, Araujo comes in with 180 points.

7. Milagros Sanchez

With 210 points, Sanchez edges out two of her fellow players from Argentina.

6. Jenny Doherty

Representing the United Kingdom as an amateur, Doherty lands on the list in sixth place with 210 points.

5. Saffron Hutchison

One of three amateurs on this list, Hutchison represents Ireland and is currently at 230 points.

4. Hannah Henderson

The highest ranking of the three amateurs on this list, Henderson from the United Kingdom has 240 points.

3. Nina Clarkin

A native of the United Kingdom, professional player Nina Clarkin makes the top three with 300 points.

2. Hazel Jackson Gaona

Another polo player from the United Kingdom, Hazel Jackson Gaona makes a strong showing with 380 points.

#1 Lia Salvo

The top spot for women currently goes to Lia Salvo, representing Argentina. She has secured the top spot with 425 points at the present time. Her 2018 highlights include the Ladies Cup Deauville, Pink Polo, and the King Powe Ladies International Final.

To catch some of these top polo players in action, consider visiting one of the polo classics.

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