4 Trending Workouts to Try in New York

Are you feeling stuck in your same old workouts? With the new year officially here, you may be looking to switch up your normal routines with some fresh new classes. New York is home to some of the most trendy studios and gyms, with everything from trampoline fitness to a new form of “aquacycling.” These are some of our favorite trending workouts to try in New York this year. Trust us when we say workouts in New York don’t have to be boring!

#1 Cold Yoga


Cold Yoga trending workouts to try in new york
Photo courtesy of Brrrn


We’ve all heard of hot yoga, with room temperatures blazing up to 100 degrees. Brrrn is taking those temperatures to a whole new level – by dropping them to just 45 degrees. Located in the Flatiron District of New York, Brrrn is the “first and only cool temperature fitness experience.” It helps burn more calories and fat while allowing your body to feel less cold as it builds up its tolerance. Created in the summer of 2013, the studio offers three trending workouts – “Flow” at 60 degrees to increase mobility and strength, “Slide” at 55 degrees for core and cardio, and “HIT” at just 45 degrees with rope and dumbbell circuits. After your workout, warm up in the infrared sauna to relieve pain, improve circulation. and just relax. Brrrn also gives you one free class after purchasing your first so you can get the full experience. Class packages and memberships are also available, along with gift cards.

#2 Trampoline Cardio


Bari New York Trampoline Workouts in New York
Photo courtesy of Bari


Looking for fun workouts in New York to help take your mind off the burn? Trampoline cardio classes have gained tremendous popularity in recent years, with participants using a small trampoline to go through their movements. While you won’t be doing any backflips or somersaults like in your childhood, the classes do take you through some routine bounces and squats all to the beat of the music. These high-intensity workouts will get your heart rate pumping while giving your legs and core a nice burn too. The choreographed routines are also pretty easy to pick up, even for beginners. Named as “NYC’s Best Hybrid Workout” by New York Magazine, Bari Studio is located in Tribeca. They also recently joined forces with FitHouse in New York along with launching Bari TV so you can take classes in the comfort of your own home.

#3 Mile High Run Club


Mile high run club with trending workouts in new york
Photo courtesy of Mile High Run Club


For those who love running or just looking to start, Mile High Run Club is the go-to studio for people of all skill levels. Choose from their variety of trending workouts including “Dash 28,” a foundation class for all levels, up to their “Dirty 30” – a high intensity, interval-based workout for maximum benefits. With three locations spread throughout New York, each studio has their very own class schedule. Mile High Run Club also offers individual race prep programs such as “Desk to 5K,” designed for new runners who want to work their way up to a 5k race. Don’t feel entirely comfortable working out in a group setting? The studio also has one-on-one coaching and personal training options available. Try your very first class for just $25 and upgrade to their various membership options starting at $135 per month.

#4 Underwater Cycling


Aqua Studio Underwater Cycling trending workouts to try in new york
Photo courtesy of Aqua Studio


Described as a “3-in-1 wellness experience”, Aqua Studio in Tribeca combines traditional cycling with the added element of water. With an 84-degree saltwater pool, Aqua is the first and only aquacycling studio in the New York area. Its multiple showers, refresh stations, kombucha, and other products make the studio feel more like a spa and less like a cycling class. Aqua hosts several different classes throughout the studio, with everything from group classes to private events and personal training. Unlike indoor cycling, aquacycling allows you to activate more muscles with the water providing a natural resistance. Choose from their schedule of classes focusing on different aspects such as technique, legs, arms, and HIIT. Aqua also offers a variety of memberships so you can choose the option that works best for you. Try your first intro class for just $35 or even a “one-week staycation” with unlimited classes for $75.

Don’t get stuck in your normal workout routines. Try switching it up with fun new workouts in New York like running or a cold yoga workout. These trending workouts are something you should try while in the Big Apple. Looking to grab a bite to eat after your burning workout? Check out these 5 notoriously exclusive restaurants in New York!

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4 Trending Workouts to Try in New York