Hosting The Ultimate Oscars Party

Everyone loves a party, and the Academy Awards offer a great excuse for a get-together. Gather your friends and families to cheer for your favorite on-screen performers. Here is a guide to throwing the ultimate Oscars party.

Mod Oscar Party Invitations


mod invitation from Greenvelope Ultimate Oscars Party Guide
Photo Courtesy of Greenvelope


Set the tone for your glamorous Oscars party with the right invitation. This mod invitation from Greenvelope has the right mix of elegance and modern styling. Host your ultimate red carpet event with this sleek party invitation. The gold award statuette and the old Hollywood glamour text stand out against the elegant black background of the invitation. The invitation can be fully customized to fit in the details for your party. Your guests will be wowed by this invitation and excited to attend your ultimate Oscars party.

Decor for The Ultimate Oscars Party

Roll out an actual red carpet for your guests. There are a variety of options available in different lengths. To further create the effect of a real red carpet at the Oscars, add stanchion sets on the sides of the carpet. Don’t forget to add the red ropes! Your guests will be delighted with this decor, as it makes everyone feel like you are really at the Academy Awards. This will also provide an awesome backdrop for lots of fun photo opportunities all night long at your Academy Awards party.

Tableware for an Academy Awards Party


Tableware for Your Ultimate Oscars Party
Photo Courtesy of Neiman Marcus


The MacKenzie Child’s Courtly Check pattern is perfect for an Oscar party. The black and white checkered pattern with a touch of gold is whimsical yet elegant. This handcrafted star plate has a hand-painted gold luster rim. The shape and style are perfect for a star-studded party event. The Courtly Check cake stand from MacKenzie Childs is another great tableware option when hosting the ultimate Oscars party. This stand could be used for a cake, but it is pretty enough to be used for hors-d’oeuvres, macarons, or other party foods.

Food for an Oscars Night Party


Food for your Academy Awards Party
Photo Courtesy of All Recipes


Finger foods seem to be a popular option for an Oscars party. Give your guests the freedom to mix, mingle, and nibble all night long while watching the awards show. All Recipes shares several simple yet crowd-pleasing ideas for foods to serve at an Oscars night party. Chicken and spinach puffs, stuffed cherry pepper poppers, and of course oodles of dessert ideas are on their menu.

Drinks Perfect for Oscars Night


Drinks Perfect for an Oscars Night Party
Photo Courtesy of Food and Wine


No Oscars watching party would be complete without some bubbly! Champagne is the favored drink for celebrations like this one, but do not feel restricted to simply popping open a bottle and pouring drinks. There are several exciting and fun champagne cocktails that your guests will be delighted to sample. One unique champagne drink is the Cork County Bubbles. This cocktail uses a mixin that is made in Ireland’s County Cork, hence the name. Herbal, woody Jameson 12-year Irish whiskey is what makes this champagne cocktail so unique.

Party Favors for an Oscars Watch Party


Party Favors for Your Oscars Watch Party with our Ultimate Oscars Party Guide
Photo Courtesy of Once Upon a Chocolate


Decorate the tables with delicious chocolate award statues that your guests will get to take home with them. This fun party favor makes for great table decor, a fun photo prop, and a cool take-home gift for your guests. The solid statues are 6.5 inches tall. Choose from milk or dark chocolate. The award statues have a flat bottom and stand up in a bag. Choose the color ribbon you prefer (to match your theme) and add a tag if desired. You could even add an award name to each statue. These statues will help you create a red carpet worthy event for your ultimate Oscars party.

So, which of these ideas do you love? You ultimate Oscars party awaits! Can’t get enough of the Oscars? Read more about this fun event in our article that offers backstage access at the award show after parties.

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Hosting The Ultimate Oscars Party