The Bugatti Divo World Premiere

Since its inception in 1909, Bugatti has made a reputation for itself as a designer of world-class automobiles. Bugatti produces not only beautiful vehicles but also some of the most powerful and responsive driving machines as well. With the recent accolades of its redesigned Chiron Sport, it was said that Bugatti had created the ultimate driving machine. However, the company went even further with its mission of creating the world’s best cars when it premiered it’s newest vehicle this year, the Bugatti Divo. Here’s everything you need to know about this extraordinary supercar and the Bugatti Divo premiere.

Why the Divo?


The Bugatti Divo World Premiere
Photo Courtesy of Bugatti


The company president Stephen Winkelmann, who took over earlier this year, had the initiative in creating the Bugatti Divo. Bugatti enthusiasts around the world inspired him to push the limits and create something new.


When I took up my position at Bugatti at the beginning of the year, I soon learnt that our customers and fans were waiting for a special vehicle which would tell a further story for the brand in addition to the Chiron, the Bugatti team was also very eager to implement a project like this. To date, a modern Bugatti has represented a perfect balance between high performance, straight-line dynamics and luxurious comfort. Within the possibilities, we have shifted the balance in the case of the Divo further towards lateral acceleration, agility and cornering, the Divo is made for corners.” -Stephan Winkelmann, president of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S.


Bugatti names all of its vehicles after famous race drivers. The Divo’s namesake is Albert Divo. Divo was a two-time winner of the grueling Targa Florio race in Italy in a Bugatti Type 35.

The Bugatti Divo Exterior


The Bugatti Divo Exterior The Bugatti Divo Premiere
Photo Courtesy of Bugatti


Bugatti slimmed the Chiron Sport base by a whopping 70 pounds to create the responsiveness to curves their fanbase wanted. The reduced profile also created a stunning exterior accentuated by the unique paint approach.


By slimming down the BUGATTI signature line, the body has a visual horizontal division, emphasised by a special colour scheme. The upper portion is fluid and muscular, while the lower section is technical and angular, reinforcing the car’s forceful appearance. The wedge-shaped profile and rising beltline push the cockpit forward, lending the DIVO an extremely dynamic profile, even at a standstill.


The result is a visually striking car sure to garner attention anywhere it goes. This made the Bugatti Dive premiere one of the most anticipated of all time.

Bugatti Divo Performance


Bugatti Divo Performance The Bugatti Divo Premiere
Photo Courtesy of Bugatti


With its reduced weight, the Bugatti Divo handles curves like no other. It features 198 pounds more downforce than the Chiron and also has a higher lateral acceleration of 1.6 g versus 1.5 g for the Chiron. The Divo also has an increases wheel camber with a maximum speed of an unbelievable 236 miles per hour! The Divo tested 8 seconds faster lap time on the Nardò handling circuit as well.


The DIVO is a more extreme BUGATTI. It represents a new interpretation of our philosophy ‘form follows performance’ with an uncompromising pursuit of the utmost aerodynamic efficiency. To shape the future, we have embraced the past. The DIVO harks back to the golden era of coachbuilding, a proud tradition nearly a century old, by uniting a rolling chassis with a brand new body. The design is imposingly powerful and striking – unmistakably BUGATTI.


Due to its reduced weight, the Divo can go zero to 62 miles per hour in 2.4 seconds, making it one of the world’s fastest cars.

Bugatti Divo Availability


Bugatti Divo Availability The Bugatti Divo World Premiere
Photo Courtesy of Bugatti


Unfortunately for car lovers around the world, the Bugatti Divo is a limited edition. Bugatti is producing only 40 Divos total. Devotees purchased all available cars immediately after the Bugatti Divo premiere. Certainly, only Bugatti can sell out a car with a price tag of 5.69 million US dollars so quickly!

So, are you excited about the Bugatti Divo premiere? For more in the world of ultra-luxury supercars, explore Bold Concepts: Porsche’s EV Innovations.

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The Bugatti Divo World Premiere