The Four Best Cars for Challenging Winter Driving

Lists of the best cars for winter driving fluctuate every year and few focus on luxury cars. We’ve reviewed many of these lists and, while they’re solid lists, we’ve chosen our favorite luxury cars that will make your winter driving experience much safer, more fun, and, of course, more luxurious. The cars on this list illustrate that you needn’t sacrifice the comfort and luxury you love in a car to have one that is ideal for winter driving and facing those seasonal challenges.

Volvo V90 Cross Country


The Four Best Cars for Challenging Winter Driving
Photo courtesy of Volvo


Many associate the Volvo with the young professional or the young family. They’ve earned that reputation with their consistency in design and styling as well as their overall aesthetic and sporty appeal. The V90 sports 53.9 cubic feet of cargo space which allows for the hauling of everything from luggage for a road trip or equipment for a road adventure.


A luxurious Scandinavian sanctuary. From the earthy scent of Nappa leather to the tactile grain of natural wood, and full- length Panoramic Moonroof, the V90 is custom designed to engage the senses.


Their smartphone integration is seamless and uses the vehicle’s nine-inch Sensus Touchscreen to display your phone’s favorites. One of the best features and that which makes it up to the challenge of those winter roads is their 250-316 horsepower engine.


An impressive array of safety features come standard, including Pilot Assist, the semi-autonomous drive system, Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) to help you change lanes safely, and Large Animal Detection to give you peace of mind on country roads.

Audi A4 Quattro


The Four Best Cars for Challenging Winter Driving
Photo courtesy of Audi


Another contender with a solid reputation in both style and safety is the Audi A4 Quattro. Their Quattro all-wheel drive technology helps you grip the road and as they say, without grip there wouldn’t be traction.


The system’s torque distribution ratio on the Audi A4 2.0T is 40:60 front-to-rear for dynamic handling and performance. The torque-distributing power of the self-locking center differential can send as much as 70 percent of power to the front wheels or 85 percent to the rear wheels of the A4 2.0T to help maintain control and optimize performance.”


Long story short: safety. This feature makes driving the A4 not only safe but also very satisfying. Add Audi’s Sport package plus and you’ll feel like you’re driving the course in Monte Carlo with sporty accents inside as well as “dynamic steering, sport adaptive damping suspension, 18″ wheels with summer tires and a flat-bottom sport steering wheel with S line® badge”.

Land Rover Range Rover


The Four Best Cars for Challenging Winter Driving
Photo courtesy of Land Rover


As Land Rover states, the Range Rover is “synonymous with refined capability”. With 16-way heated leather seats and a three-zone climate control system inside as well as a sound system with crystal clear highs, deep bass, and great definition, the Range Rover keeps you firmly planted in the lap of luxury. When you’re ready to exit, it will assist you in making that exit as graceful as possible as it lowers the vehicle with it Automatic Access Height system.

The creature comforts you’ll feel will make you happy to drive or ride in the Range Rover, but its performance – especially in winter – will keep you feeling safe and secure. Its 254-horsepower engine, maximum torque at 443 pounds at 2,000 feet, eight-speed automatic transmission sitting on top of its 19-inch, five split-spoke Style 5001 Alloy wheels are ready to tackle what winter throws their way. Is there a long trip ahead? You don’t need to worry about keeping everyone happy with one of the most inclusive infotainment systems available for cars in its class.

Bentley Continental GT


The Four Best Cars for Challenging Winter Driving
Photo courtesy of Bentley


As we’re all well aware, true luxury doesn’t come cheap but ensuring safe and secure passage on rough winter roads will make you happy that you spent the extra money for the Bentley Continental GT. This vehicle has the impressive stats you’d expect from a Bentley: 6.0 litre twin turbo-charged W12 engine producing 635 PS & 900 Nm of torque; iron brakes with black painted brake callipers; and, air suspension, including a three-chamber air spring, with Continuous Damping Control and 4 height settings, and it includes the Bentley Dynamic Ride system. This all adds up to the outstanding performance you’ll experience as you use the eight-speed dual clutch transmission with Active All-Wheel Drive transmission to navigate the winter roads. At the same time, you’ll experience the unparalleled comfort and style that is standard on any Bentley.


The new Continental GT is built by hand, offering practically limitless scope for personalisation. Taken together, the vast range of options available for both the interior and exterior of your car ensure you need never see another one like it.


Where will the winter roads take you and how will they challenge you? If an outing on a winter road isn’t enough excitement for you, try Luxury Driving Experiences for the Ultimate Adrenaline Rush.

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The Four Best Cars for Challenging Winter Driving