The World’s Most Unusual Superyachts

For many, the rise in temperature signals an instinctive call to the sea—so it’s no surprise that more and more are flocking to week-long charters in the South of France or the Italian Riviera for their summer holiday. Wherever your journey takes you during the summer—whether it be a leisurely seven-day cruise off the Amalfi Coast, or an exploration of the crystalline waters of the Caribbean Sea—these unusual superyachts are sure to inspire a truly unforgettable experience.

Phoenicia superyacht at night

For the High-Octane Host


Strand Craft 166 Motor Yacht

Entertainers, rejoice—the Strand Craft 166 Motor Yacht by Gray Design comes equipped with enough amenities to easily accommodate a party of eight. With seamless lines inspired by automotive design, its extraordinary surface will create a lasting impression, whether out at sea or docked in port.

Strand Craft 166 Motor Yacht Interior Leather Upholstery

Simply open the carbon-fiber deck to reveal a hidden, spacious lounging area complete with a jacuzzi and built-in bar. After the yacht party, guests can retreat to one of five double en-suite staterooms. With a 52-inch Bang & Olufsen TV available in each room, guests may never want to leave. For those who want to keep a low profile, the Strand Craft 166 offers two concealed entrances and optional bulletproof leather upholstery.

Strand Craft 166 Motor Yacht Supercar Tender

In keeping with the automotive theme, the yacht arrives with a matching 620-horsepower supercar tender, so you can make a smooth transition from sea to land.

For the Design Savvy


Zaha Hadid Unique Circle Yachts

Of the many brilliant projects the Queen of the Curve offered in her tenure, few rival in both thoughtful design and sheer impressiveness than the Unique Circle Yachts designed by late architect Zaha Hadid for Blohm+Voss.

Inspired by the underwater ecosystem lurking below, the ship allows guests to lounge in its ultramodern interior, which features the famed architect’s signature fluid lines and forms, while watching the light dip through the pores of the yacht’s exoskeleton. This multi-story concept yacht is both a work-of-art and a fully functional boat, making it a must-see for Hadid disciples around the globe.

For the Aspiring Secret Agent


Migaloo submarine superyacht

For some, the perfect holiday involves lounging in the sun all day. However, others require a sense of adventure to recharge. If your ideal vacation itinerary consists of more deep-sea diving than sunbathing, you’re in luck. Adrenaline junkies and adventure seekers can realize their wildest fantasies with the range of fully submersible yachts by Migaloo.

Migaloo superyacht submarine submerged with whale

With up to several weeks of submerged endurance, the 135 M Private Submersible Yacht allows passengers to discover the awe-inspiring forms that exist below the ocean’s surface. Specifications range depending on customization, but amenities are in no shortage. Think helipads, fully customizable bespoke styling as well as multiple garages and hangars for minisubs and water toys to keep even the most daring thrill seeker satisfied.

For the Unconventional Traditionalist


Phoenicia Superyacht

There’s nothing ordinary about the design of the 100m Phoenicia Superyacht by Igor Lobanov. The Russian architect took inspiration from ancient royal vessels to develop a sleek 328-foot ship with a name that embodies the spirit of the Greeks. The Phoenicia features a wraparound deck and luxury amenities (such as a helipad). Those who appreciate an unconventional twist on tradition will love this updated take on a classic.

Phoenicia Superyacht

With so many different options available, it can be difficult to choose the perfect superyacht. However, it ultimately boils down to one burning question: How will you answer the ocean’s call?

Photos courtesy of Gray Design, Zaha Hadid Architects, Migaloo, Lobanov Design

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The World's Most Unusual Superyachts