The Best Gift Guide For the Person Who Has Everything

Holiday shopping season is upon us again with a close chaser of panic about those on my list that can be kindly categorized as “The Person Who Has Everything”. Now, I will sheepishly admit, that I may have been deemed “hard to buy for” by those I love, it’s OK, I’ve been called worse. However, I feel the need to defend myself here because it just isn’t true- it just requires some thinking outside of the gift box!

So, I’ve compiled a list that is sure to get your creative juices flowing while adding frequent flyer miles to your credit card. Oh, and, can someone forward this list to my family and friends please?

For The Globe Trotter


Hiring a Professional Photographer on Your Next Trip


A gift certificate to Give the traveler on your list an amazing vacation photographer to capture their memories beautifully, because a crappy selfie with the Eiffel Tower just doesn’t cut it! Gift cards can be used at any one of over 200 locations globally and never expire. Perfect in a pinch, download the gift card same day by email.

The Foodie


Best Gift Guide “For the Person Who Has Everything”
Photo courtesy of is THE mother load of all things truffle. They import from their family in Italy straight to you including the Holy Grail- whole fresh seasonal truffles ($800 per lb). Plus over 25 other products like truffle shavings and peels, truffle honey, truffle cheese, truffle oils and more.

The Oenophile



Win points with the Wino in your life with the Coravin System. Drink the wine you want, in the amount you want without ever pulling the cork! A wine preservation system that allows you to have a sip or a glass of that expensive bottle, replacing the space with a gas that protects the rest of the bottle’s contents as though it had never been touched! (Please someone get this for me!)

The Philanthropist


Best Gift Guide “For the Person Who Has Everything”
Photo courtesy of

The gift that gives back! LifeStraw is a personal “straw-like” filter designed to filter out virtually all of the micro biological contaminants that make water unsafe to drink. When you purchase any LifeStraw product, they, along with their partners, contribute part of the funds to provide community size water purifiers to schools in developing countries that don’t have access to life saving, safe drinking water. They are one of the largest private investors in safe water for schools globally. A perfect way to help our brothers and sisters who are victims of all the recent natural disasters, LifeStraws are currently Life Savers in Puerto Rico since their hurricane devastation. Everyone should have one in their home emergency preparedness kit- I’m getting one for everyone in my family this year!

The Martha Stewart


Best Gift Guide “For the Person Who Has Everything”
Photo courtesy of Urban Coop Company

Chicken Coops! From your yard to table you can’t get any fresher than raising your own chickens for backyard fresh eggs. carries over 50 pretty designs that would complement any yard, and offers amazing Walk-In coops.

The Hipster


Best Gift Guide “For the Person Who Has Everything”
Photo courtesy of

A membership to “Quintessentially”, the award winning, luxury lifestyle management and concierge service. This is BETTER than your BlackCard concierge! They can get everything from impossible to get VIP Award show seats, backstage passes and private before and after parties to things like the Academy Awards, American Music Awards, Grammy’s etc. Access to red carpets, private designer events, and celebrity stylists to make sure you look stunning. Of course, your membership also includes last minute, hard to get restaurant reservations, bespoke travel itineraries, international property searches, accessing private schools and tutoring and anything else you can imagine that would help you enjoy the very best life has to offer. It’s like a membership to Celebrity Status!

The Life Apprentice


Best Gift Guide “For the Person Who Has Everything”
Photo courtesy of

Inspire someone you love by giving the gift of Take a cooking class with Gordon Ramsay, screenwriting class with Aaron Sorkin, a writing for TV class with Shonda Rimes, comedy lessons with Steve Martin, tennis with Serena Williams, singing with Christina Aguilera, acting class with Dustin Hoffman and more!

See, no need for fear, it just takes demystifying “the person who has everything” and finding the things they haven’t already thought to buy for themselves!
Wishing you the happiest of holidays and all the days in between!

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The Best Gift Guide For the Person Who Has Everything